Paypal problem

Time to renew my subscription. I’m always happy to do so.

Two observations

  1. OMG, coming here as a guest is oppressive with all the ads. I honestly don’t know how people do it. I even keep getting one that pops up at the bottom of every screen.

  2. More importantly, I can’t pay. In the past I could click on “pay with paypal” and quickly get to a screen where I could pay with a credit card. Now, despite several attempts, I cannot find such a screen. I don’t have paypal and not sure I want to have it. Is there a way to pay by credit card?

Ok, the fifth time it took me to the traditional screen and gave me a credit card option. Problem solved. Must have been a paypal glitch.

And, phew, the ads are gone.

Sorry you suffered. Glad it’s fixed.

As for the credit card link in the subscription system, tricky PayPal really really wants you to do all your business with them and they make it really hard for you not to. The PayPal portal link is SO big and the credit card payment link is so small, it’s like they hide it under a rock.

your humble TubaDiva

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