PBS encore?

My mom just slept through tonight;s episode of Downton Abbey…is there a channel that re-broadcasts Sunday Night’s broadcasting?

If you have Internet, pbs.org has episodes up starting the day after and running a week or so.

My PBS station is replaying it tonight at midnite.

if you get it over the air and your local affiliate has subchannels then you will likely find it repeated during this upcoming week.

Each episode is repeated the following Sunday at 8:00pm (ie. 1 hour before the new episode).

I’m not sure PBS schedules anything centrally, especially repeats, so you’ll have to check your local affiliate(s).

I would call my local PBS station and ask. I don’t think their ‘schedule’ online is accurate.

It’s up to stations individually to schedule repeat broadcasts. We have a secondary channel (actually two) and we re-air Masterpiece on Thursdays. And there are very often overnight air times too. Go to your local station’s website and bring up their schedule; if it’s like ours you can see all the times for individual programs in their A-Z list. Example: WGBH/Boston. In fact, you can watch it right there on their website if you want.

PBS website will send you to your local affiliates webpage when you click on schedule.