PC: Dungeon Seige question about LAN spawning

I bought 2 copies of this game when it first came out, at the time I had a crappy pentium 350 mhz cpu and got frustrated with frame rate lag etc. My wife and I played it for a while and was fine unless you added the pack mule and some NPCS to your party. So I took the games back.

Now that I have better PCs (2 X AMD 1.3 ghz), and am getting sick of Diablo 2 again… I want to play it again but dont feel like spending the extra cash on a 2nd CD. Any body out there know if you can multiplayer 2 computers on one install? Ive searched the net and the official FAQs for the game etc and there is no mention if you can do this. If you have the game installed could you read the readme.txt for any info?

thanks in advance!

as a side note can anyone recommend a good LAN, diablo2-like RPG that my wife and I could play together, prefferably that would spawn off of one CD? (We have BG1 and 2, Icewind dale, Diablo2 LOD, Neverwinter Nights (dissapointed with), etc…)

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nobody plays this game anymore?

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Got Masters of Orion 3 recently cause Wal Mart was out of Dungeon Seige. This game is cool. Love the space ship building. Ive always considered myself a swords and sorcery kind of game player but this sci-fi bent is pretty cool.
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I can’t answer the spawning question, but you might want to try going to an EB Games near you. I’ve seen (used) DS for $9.99. I also saw new DS on sale at Fry’s for $19.99. I don’t think Fry’s has gotten out to Kentucky yet, but I’m sure that EB Games (formerly Electronics Boutique) has. Check the pre-owned section - DS has been turning up a lot. I’d send you my disc, but I’m not done with it yet!

Ya EB Games is in the mall in Lexington, and they have a new copy for 19.99… just hadnt been able to make it out there yet.