PC gamers: Your opinion on wireless mice?

How is the reaction time on these things for FPS’s and so forth? Any recommendations? Thanks.

I used the wireless Logitech mouse and really enjoyed it. I play FPS, RTS and various others and noticed no appreciable difference from a wired mouse. Not being content to leave well enough alone, I moved up to a wireless optical mouse, which was noticably slower. I have since been using a wired dual-optical mouse which has become my favorite. It seems every bit as fast as the standard rollerball mouse but never needs to be taken apart and cleaned. All have been Logitech by the way.
The main reason I gave up the wireless mouse was that I hated changing batteries. Invariably I would notice the power draining at about 2:00 a.m while playing Ghost Recon and not be able to find another set in the house anywhere.

The problem I had with the wireless mouse was that it kept falling off the desk at some point during the day and I’d spend twenty minutes searching for it. Who needs another bloody remote?

The only problem I have with the wireless mouse is… well: Why?

I mean does the wire bother you that much? The only real benefit I can come up with is that you simply don’t have a wire… the cons are many. Changing batteries, resolution (reaction time), losing your mouse since it is not attached, etc… I just don’t understand the draw of a wireless mouse really.

One suggestion is the Logitech MX770. About 140 dollars CDN but what a mouse! It’s rechargable with it’s own cradle, has about 8 hours of run time on a full charge and has a quick recharge time.

The best thing is that is has zero lag within 6 ft, and it very sensitive. There is tons of reviews out there, and almost all of them are positive.

Can I throw in that the wireless mouse has worked out great for my 3 year old? Seriously, he’s great with it, and it’s easier for kids than a wired mouse.

Just my $.02. Carry on.

Wires don’t bother me, but my parents’ cats love to play with them. We had lost a number of mice and keyboards to feline jaws before going wireless.

The only problem is that they eat batteries, but perhaps a rechargable model solves that one.

I’ve got a wireless mouse and keyboard. The mouse is also infrared. I love them.

I boot up a game, lay back on my bed use the keyboard in my lap and run the mouse over the bed or my chest. It is just so much more comfortable.

Also I like to listen to music late at night over the headphones as I’m falling to sleep. My logitech keyboard let’s me skip past songs I don’t want to hear, play another song twice in a row whatever all while laying down and the screen turned off. And everything happens just as fast as they did with the wires.

So nothing but good things will you hear from me.