PC graphic help

Can you point me to a site that has instructions for making things like the trademark-tm inside circle-and other tricks.

Please don’t suggest the MSFT help categories,I’ve rearely found simple answers to,what I assume,are simple fixes.

(Did this answer your question?If not loook under,etc.) I’ve been half an hour on some topic in that section and usually quit in frustration after my question is never answered.

Just spent a half hour in the printer’s help section and as usual,no help for my particular problem (unrelated to the graphic OP),since that "help"section is basically an MS clone formatwise.

There must be somewhere I can read simple instructions/fixes

Hold in the windows button and press R (or go to start and choose Run).
Type charmap and hit enter.
Find the font you are working in, choose the symbol you want, and click copy.
You can also look in the status bar of that window for the key combos to make that character in the future. These are alt-combos, hold in the alt key and hit say 0211.

Titan, here are the ALT codes for the characters you asked about:

ALT + 0153 = ™

ALT + 0169 = ©

The idea is to insert them into your document as you type.

®©Ç-OK I can use the charmap,but trying to type the code (U+0021=!) results in nothing but an end of page type sound.Tried it using alt,U alone,an altU-nada.

What’s wrong with my alt key? (I’ve never used it for anything)

Don’t use the “U” key. That stands for Unicode … I am unclear on how to access Unicode characters. For the symbols you want, ALT codes will do just fine.

Keep the ALT button pressed down while you type the codes. Don’t press ALT, let go of the ALT key, then type the code.

You have to type the codes in the keypad, too. Using the main keyboard row of numbers won’t work. Or at least, that’s how it is for me in Win98.