What is the ASCII code for the "trademake" symbol?

You know the little capitol ‘R’ in acircle?

I can do alot of others…

and so forth, but I can’t get the dang registered trademark symbol! :mad:

  1. To find them (assuming you’re on Windows), go to Start - Run and type ‘charmap’

How did I not know that?

'Nother shortcut.
Use the ‘windows’ key and the ‘d’ at the same time to show the desktop (minimize all windows), I just learned that one too.

How come a Mac person like me knows about the PC program “Character Map” (in Programs/Accessories) and so many PC folks don’t?

To make © on a Mac, option-g. To make ®, option-r. To make ™, option-2. Ours is easier :smiley:
That Character Map application is nice, though. Discover it.

Dagnabbit! I still can’t figure it out! What exactly should I type when posting?

Sorry BMalion, you’ve got to hold the ‘ALT’ key down whilst using the number pad on the keyboard (off to the right). You need to have the ‘Num Lock’ engaged also.

So, engaging the numlock and pressing the alt and typing the numbers 0174 on the num pad should get you this ®. Bingo.

I thought ® meant ‘Rights Reserved’ - the one I call ‘Trademark’ is ™.





thank you Uncommon Sense!

I was forgetting to type the zero. :smack:

Hmmm… so what’s the diff 'tween Win-d and Win-m?

**® is for Registered trademarks. ™ is for ones that are pending, BTW.

The situation in the UK:



Not sure.
But I found this online. Go figure.

Windows Shortcuts
Here they are, all my favorite windows shortcuts! If you have a suggestion for a shortcut that’s not listed here, send it to: steve@worldstart.com. Also, check out our newsletters below, especially the Computer Tips & Techniques one to get tips likes these in your e-mail every day.

On to the shortcuts :slight_smile:

Windows Key

Hold down the “windows” key and press:

M - Minimizes all windows

SHIFT - M - Undo minimize all windows

E - Opens Windows Explorer

D - Switches between minimizing all open programs and showing them all.

F - Opens the Find Window

R - Opens the Run Window

So it looks like the difference is something I can’t even figure out because the stupid library computer I’m on is crippled. The windows Key is non-functional.

what the real post looks like.