PC question: require login

I am trying to set up a PC: XP using Parallels on a Mac, and have a simple question. How can I get the OS to start up requiring the user to log in? I can create accounts, but every time the OS boots it starts as “administrator”. I want to set it so that in routine use it will be operated by a named user with more limited access rights. I am sure it is a simple step, but I am not used to setting up a PC.

In XP, that setting is under your control panel -> User Accounts.

Go to Start, Run, and enter “control userpasswords2” without the quotes.

You first have to set up a User for the non-administrator account. - See Todderbob’s post.

If you check and apply the “Require…” box and then uncheck it you can put the limited username and password (leave blank if the password’s blank) in as the automatic login.

worked great!