PC replaying activities - can't interupt

My wife has been having a problem with her Dell PC - originally running Windows 8 but now running Windows 10, problem happened with both OS.

The machine goes into an odd mode where it seems to be replaying previously run activities - opening browser windows (Chrome), opening documents (Word, PowerPoint), running apps and essentially taking over the laptop until she shuts it down. I’ve removed a number of items from the start screen which seems to help for a while, but it’s happening again now, and more frequently.

A web search didn’t turn up anything, we’re almost at the point of bringing it back to Micro Center. Any thoughts?

The exact same things like a playback, or just poking around at random? Neither are part of any normal windows behavior.

Does someone have remote access?

If you did the win10 upgrade,you moved the same issue right along to the new install.

Update - It appears to be a bad touch screen. My wife doesn’t really use the touch screen so we’ve just deactivated it for now. So far, no re-occurrences.