PDF page marker

Is there a way to save my current page number when reading a PDF? Some PDFs I have are rather long and it would be nice to be able to slip in a “bookmark” before I exit.

Hopefully someone can tell you how to do it in Reader. Until then, here’s how you do it in Acrobat Exchange. Acrobat Exchange is used to edit .PDF files, and it’s not a freebie. Unless you have it at work, you probably don’t have it.

Select the File menu.
Select Document Info.
Select Open.
On the Open Info window, enter the appropriate page number in the Page Number field.
Click on the OK button.
Select the File menu.
Select Save.

The next time you open the document, it will open to the page number you selected.

In Acrobat Pro, if you go to Edit … Preferences, and select the “startup” section, there should be a drop-down box labelled “Reopen documents to last viewed page” - set this to “all files”. I presume the setting is similarly placed if you’re using just the free Reader, but I can’t be sure.

I just checked Acrobat Reader 6.0 for the Mac OS X, and it does have that setting, under Preferences, and Startup. Can’t speak to the pc version.

Hmm … seems like I don’t have that option on my PC version. I have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1.0 9/17/2002. Maybe I need to upgrade? Thanks for the info.