Pe Wee Herman Live on Broadway

Paul Reubens is doing what is basically a live “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” episode on HBO right now. This is awesome. I don’t thnk he’s done a Playhouse show since the TV show. It’s making me nostalgic.

Anybody else watching this?

If you tune in late, the secret word is fun.

Didn’t get a chance to tune in tonight but I am in the audience. Worst seats in the house, top top left left but it was still an amazing show. No idea if we were on camera or not.

Mousing over the thread spoils the secret word. NoOoOOO!

very interesting, hehe

So any idea how much of this was based, not on the TV show, but on the old stage show from 1983 - The Pee Wee Herman Show?

The “plot” is basically an update from the original stage show. Cowboy Curtis in placed in the function that Captain Carl filled in the original: love intertest of Miss Yvonne, subject of Pee-Wee’s Jambi wish on behalf of Miss Yvonne.

Other than that difference, the plot is pretty much exactly the same as the 1981 (Wiki says 1981) stage show from The Roxy that made it to HBO originially.

Within that story structure, there are elements of the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse T.V. show that are added.

The set matches the set from the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Characters from the T.V. show that weren’t part of the original stage show have been added to the stage show (e.g. Chairry).

A couple new characters are added, Bear (“I hate mute characters, I hate guessing games, and I hate Charades!!!”) and Sergio (Pee-Wee’s sexy dancing Latin Lover-type repairman), but they don’t effect any change to the plot.

Dialog is updated to include contemporary references like abstinence rings and the internet.

[Bragging Rights]
My friend Jesse plays Sergio and he’s awesome and he gets to dance with Pee-Wee, which is extra awesome.
[/Bragging Rights]

Here’s a review from the AV Club if you want to know more.

oops. double post. love internet

Is “Bob” present on the set as well?
(See the lower right in this image.)