PeeWee's Playhouse Surprise

I expected to see Cowboy Curtis (Larry Fishburne (ok, he’s Lawrence now)) last night when I watched a half hour of PeeWee’s Playhouse on “On Demand”. I was surprised and excited to seeS. Epatha Merkerson (the mail carrier) on the show as well. She’s one of my favorite actresses today although I didn’t remember her at all from the show.

Anyone remember that Phil Hartman appeared as Captain Carl?

What a wonderful children’s show. I plan to buy the DVD set so that I can watch the different episodes with my children (teens and adults, but we like this stuff).

I got the first box set of DVD’s for my daughter for Christmas because she liked the On Demand eps so much. She adores the show and has watched all her discs over and over. I’ll have to get the second set now. Paul Rubens really had a genius for connecting with kids.

Natasha Lyonne (best known as Tara Reid’s friend in American Pie) was on it a few times, too.

Does anyone remember the old HBO special from the 80s? I saw his act live at Georgetown University, we watched a hygiene movie and some catoons and then he interviewed Larry “Bud” Melman.

I have it on DVD.

Yeah whenever I watch Law & Order I always think “There’s Reba the Mail Lady!” when the Lt. is in a scene. I do enjoy her performances. I always liked how Reba gave Pee Wee those sideways glances when he was so happy to get pen pal letters or etc. She knew there was something a little “off” about Pee Wee. :slight_smile:

Also, in addition to the HBO special Pee Wee used to be a regular guest on David Letterman’s NBC show. He’d always bring Dave a silly gift like giant underpants or a cowboy hat.

I miss Pee Wee!

Where can I find it on On Demand?

Cartoon Network under “Adult Swim.”

Thank you. It seems appropriate, although I would have never thought to look there.

There’s plenty of Pee-wee Herman (yes, don’t forget the hyphen) on DVD.