Peace on Earth

Anybody surprised?

BTW, any talk of NATO going into Chechyna yet?

Not, surprised - China and Russia have ancient relationship that we can barely comprehend. BUT. They have such differences! Strategic partnership, my ass!

NATO has discussed going into Chechnya, but it ain’t going to happen. Russia is a great, proud nation with much global clout. I do think their stance with China is nothing but political maneuvering.

Hell is Other People.

I believe that the phrase “Strategic Partnership” is the new catchword for “working military alliance”. In other words, hold on to your ass.

Hey, if Russia doesn’t want any part of the US’s “dominance,” I guess we shouldn’t give them any more economic aid…

When it’s a nation we can easily beat up on, the crime is “ethnic cleansing”, and… well, a nation’s gotta do whata nations’s gotta do (said in a bad John Wayne accent).

Russia or China? Nations with nukes and clout? Nation’s we’d like to extend free trade to? Why, they’re just taking care of a little family bidness there in Chechnya… really, no concern of ours at all. “Ethnic Cleansing?” Absolutely not!

Remember, NATO’s new job is to slap around pip-squeaks, not “friends”!

An update on the revivification of the Cold War:

Geez, isn’t that what got him into trouble last year?


Anyways- did y’all see the news this morning about someone from the Russian embassy being arrested for trying to spy upon the State Department?


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