Peacemaker series

Just watched the first three episodes. Fun so far. Definitely more comedy than drama. Has a bit of a The Specials feel, IMO.

I enjoyed it. The title sequence alone makes the whole show worthwhile - three episodes in, and I giggled with delight each time. And John Cena has terrific comic timing, and even does a credible job with the more dramatic elements.

Peacemaker himself seems a bit…off from his depiction in The Suicide Squad, even though this series is supposed to be in direct continuity with it. I get that as the main character of an ongoing action-comedy series, they need him to be more of a goofy anti-hero and less of an outright villain, and I’m willing to go with it, but it was a little disconcerting.

I thought the supporting cast was…ok. Nothing particularly outstanding one way or the other, for the most part. Robert Patrick was reliably pretty good, though.

I’m really hoping Peacemaker and Harcourt never hook up. I thought they did a pretty good job in the bar scene undermining the standard tropes, and having Harcourt make clear that Peacemaker genuinely disgusts her. I hope they stick with that.

Same here. I usually skip opening credits after the first time (or even during the first time) but this time I watched the full thing with all three episodes.

The choreographer for the dance:

One funny thing is that it was only after I hired her that I found out that she was married to my friend [ Resident Alien star] Alan Tudyk, and when she was sending me all the little clips of ideas for dance moves out of her kitchen, they were all starring Alan as Peacemaker.

I must see those clips.

I’m loving the show. I can say with total sincerity I’m enjoying this way more than the Marvel shows, which, like Marvel movies, are never BAD, but they’re always very Marvelly.

Same. Harcourt is played by Jennifer Holland, who is James Gunn’s actual real life squeeze.

I like the supporting cast, actually. Harcourt so far is likely the weakest; it’s a very “beautiful tough chick” cliche, but Gunn tends to do well with these things.

I also enjoyed the first three episodes. I was surprised to see James Gunn wrote and directed these episodes in between making Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

Now we’ll have to wait quite awhile for a season 2 of Peacemaker since Guardians 3 is going to be a big project. At least we’re getting a Christmas special for that this year, too.

I’ll be shallow and focus on an appearance issue. Her upper lip or nose(or both) seem…off. I do think she is doing a good job on the show, but something about her face looks off. I’ll apologize immediately if I learn she has never had plastic surgery, but it looks strange.

I like all the supporting cast, but I find Danielle Brooks to be the weak link.

I think Brooks is pretty good? It’s sort of a cliche character too, but, again, we’re only three episodes in, so we’ll see where she goes.

It’s mentioned in the movie that Brooks’s character has extensive weapons training. So apparently does Harcourt. So what’s Peacemaker for? Why are they bothering with this clown? The bit where they’re using him as a sniper - anyone with solid weapons training can use a rifle, and a shot at that range isn’t hard at all. Employing Peacemaker to do something anyone who’s good with a rifle can do doesn’t make any sense. It was a oddly weak bit of writing; it would have made far more sense to have Peacemaker have to infiltrate the house from the get-go.

100% agreed that it was odd that they seem so focused on having Peacemaker do the killings. Why?

It makes sense if the missions are exceptionally difficult and dangerous, but just shooting someone in the head from two or three hundred meters away is something I could do. Them using Peacemaker as the killer makes a great deal of sense in general - he is expendable, a skilled killer, and stupid. That particular set piece just didn’t make sense to me.

They’re probably setting him up to be the fall guy when things inevitably fall to pieces.

Oh I think that’s inevitable, probably orchestrated by Waller if they were able to get Viola Davis actually on set for a few days.

Really enjoying the show, especially the intro dance. John Cena is the perfect actor for the character - even his physique, which is both impressive and somehow absurd, is perfect.

Matter-Eater Lad gets a name-drop!

Pro wrestlers seem to make good comedic actors now; Cena, The Rock, and Dave Bautista are all very, very funny. Bautista has shown some dramatic chops.

Cena is certainly perfectly cast as Peacemaker; he can do this earnest obliviousness, a guy who’s trying just a little too hard at everything and has no idea how others perceive him, just flawlessly. The Rock wouldn’t be nearly as good at this role.

This didn’t used to be the case - Hulk Hogan wasn’t very charismatic as an actor, for instance.

The show is funny, but some of their jokes are a little juvenile for my tastes. If they could lay off the dick and gay jokes, the show would be much better.

Only seen ep 1:

So basically its the 80’s Suicide Squad series with more humor and 100X more emphasis on just how fucked up that lower level of super-shit in the DC Universe must be. And man that is fucked up.

Also…you know you’ve got a problem when you see a caterpillar and assume its sentient Shazam villain.

So, the missing gorilla at the zoo mentioned on the TV news in the background in episode four—it is gonna have a butterfly, right? (If you go back and rewatch episode one, when Peacemaker goes to visit his father there is a right-wing conspiracy theorist ranting on TV in background—explaining exactly what is happening in this season’s arc.)

Okay, tiny spaceship and mind controlling butterflies
My money is on an invasion by Mr Mind’s planet.

Well it sure aint Disney…

Gunn: “Im gonna feature John Cenas ass prominently while Peacemaker hammers an alien chick”

DC: “Yeah ok.”

On a sidenote: Is Doom Patrol any good?