Peanut Butter+Toddler+Leather Couch=Help Me!


Son of Stonebow surreptitiously removed a large jar of peanut butter, and then proceeded to cover himself and the leather couch with it. Seriously cover…like, he looked like the peanut butter version of the Tar Baby.

I got all the PB off the couch, but it left dark marks (similar to when you get water on it) but they aren’t fading!!! Help!

Now, I can live with the “distressed” look on the couch. It had some variances to begin with, but nothing like this. My mom is the one I’m worried about. Since she bought us the couch…I’d hate to cause her a stoke because it sat in my house for 3 days, and then was ruined.

What do I do?!


If it’s the oil in the peanut butter making the dark marks, how about going over the whole couch with a neatsfoot oil or leather conditioner to even it out? I use conditioner on my leather recliner fairly frequently, and even though it turns it dark for a while, it fades. But I think you’d want it to fade evenly, hence the further oiling.

Some tips from on-line:

My leather couch usually does very well against spills and such, but it might be the oil in the peanut butter that’s making your couch look strange. If it’s important to you, you may consider professional cleaning?

Some general info on leather:

Good luck!

Been there FaerieBeth - and since the unfortunate incident with peanut butter my wife and I use Saddle Soap. You can buy it at any furniture store or home depot I’d assume. I’ll never go back to other conditioners or cleaners. And it will permenantly fix your current dilema.

Well, the Saddle Soap helped, but it didn’t remove the stains completely. We’ve ordered some degreaser from a professional leather cleaning company. It’s supposed to remove protein based oil and grease stains. I would imagine that peanut oil falls into that category. If that doesn’t work, we’ll buy a case of peanut butter, cover the whole couch, then wipe off. Voilà.

Oh, and I have decided not to trade Son of Stonebow to the Bedouins for a camel and five hens. :wink:


Good, because you should be able to get TWO camels for him, easy.