Pearl Jam is the greatest.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I saw their show last night for the first time and it was greater than i could of ever imagined. They played almost all the songs that i know and love…black, better man, porch, i got shit, rear view mirror, yellow ledbetter, and sooooo many more. And i was so close to Vedder that i could’ve spit on him. I wish i could’ve sang along, but the guy next to me was recordidng the show and told me i’d get a copy if i kept myself composed around his sensative mic. Oh well, there’ll be other shows that i can sing at. All i want to know is when they are coming back to charlotte!!!

Toe jam is better.

Oh wait…you meant the BAND Pearl Jam…

The last concert I saw with Pearl Jam really sucked… It was at the Roskilde festival when 9 people died. Still thinking of the victims and their familes.
And I’m glad they didn’t play “I’m still alive” (sorry couldn’t help it. Curse me and my morbid humor)