Pearls Before Swine 12/21/07

Where can Pastis go from here? Good gad. :slight_smile:

Well, Zeeba will either get the leg back with no explanation, like the way Kenny from South Park always comes back from death. Or he’ll hobble around on crutches for eternity.

That isn’t Zebra - that’s Zebra’s uncle, who we thought was killed yesterday…I think…

Eh. Doonesbury has turned longtime characters into amputees. Not that Pearls is in the same league.


Yes, he was too fat for the Croc to drag off, so he whacked off and KFCed Uncle Peter’s leg.

I took it that he ordered KFC for everyone else after eating Zeeba Uncle’s leg himself.

True. Pearls is so much funnier than Trudeau’s tired, embittered, former 60’s radical strips that they aren’t in the same league.

I thought it would have been funnier if he’d killed the Uncle and ate him.

zeeba all look alike to me.

Pastis has killed off several of the crocs before, so he’s not breaking new ground with this. It’s a brutal strip, and creatures kill each other now and then. Even the guard duck has offed a few of the neighbors.

Yeah, at least one croc got eaten by the lions in the last month or so.

True dat.

It’s not like we ever met the zeeba before.

Word. Doonesbury would be much improved by some of the characters killing and/or eating other characters. So would Family Circus and Beetle Bailey, for that matter.

Yeah, Uncle Zebra is new, anyway. We never saw him before this week. I doubt he’ll show up much again. He’s basically a red-shirt disposable character.

Now, the big question is whether he’s zebra-girl’s uncle by blood or uncle by gay marriage. I don’t think we’ve ever seen an adult female zebra in the strip…I mean, who knew Zebra was a chubby-chaser, ya know?

“Family Circus” is “Children of the Corn” when the giant extra-dimensional circular lens isn’t on them…

From the way the Pattersons eat, I’m surprised none of the characters have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Today’s strip: Pies supposedly baked for tomorrow’s (?) Christmas dinner. Many Foobwatchers wish the main dish at the feast would be Anthony Caine’s pasty white flesh. But we fear a holiday proposal.

From “the old days”…

And–didn’t the crocs capture Jeffy from Family Circus? He survived.

(Although I never thought Doonesbury’s creator was an embittered 60’s radical. He’s a well-off Yalie with liberal tendencies who’s just gotten richer & more successful. The Pulitzer, the 20 year plus marriage…)

Oh yes, they would!

I posted that question when I noticed they were both wearing ties.
If it weren’t for the girl zebra, I’d say they don’t reproduce, but recruit.

Given Pastis ability to recruit characters from other comic strips, I wonder if someone from Doonesbury will show up for an amputee scene.

Thudlow Boink:

Eh, he’ll settle down around January 21, 2009 or thereabouts. Like most liberal humorists, George W. Bush kills his sense of humor worse than any other president ever did - I have no idea why. W turns him into Mallard Fillmore, left version.

I thought Trudeau peaked around the Nixon/Ford era.

I admit that this impression may be because at that time I was still young enough to give a damn about politics and changing the world…