Pearls Before Swine 8/31/07

Things are going badly for Rat.

I’m not going to count him out, yet.

A Family Circus convention? He’s not in Arizona, he’s in Hell.

Wait, same thing…

Nope. Hell is cooler.

Pastis *MUST * show Rat’s escape route as a big dashed line meandering all over the convention floor…

Excellent, Doctor. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

I don’t fear for Rat’s safety. He’s a shrewd negotiator. Remember when he kidnapped the rest of the cast and forced Pastis to change the comic’s name to Worship the Rat under threat of torture with Garfield punchlines? Oh, wait…these people probably find Garfield funny. Oh, well. I’m sure he’ll find a way.

I wonder if Rat still has the nuclear missile he threatened his neighbor with. Perhaps the duck knows how to launch it.

I used to have Pastis email. He needs to know Dr. Fidelius idea of a dotted line escape. Perhaps as he runs from the missile impact. :slight_smile:

He used to put it in the strip, but I don’t see it in today’s. Luckily, the website has it: theratandpig[at] It won’t do any good, though, probably- comic strips are drawn in advance, so he’s probably drawn the next couple of weeks already.

“Jeffey is God”

These people are dangerous.

Wouldn’t do a lot of good since this sequence of comics was probably done six weeks ago but I agree it is a funny idea.

I must have a “Barfy” tee shirt.

Would you settle for one of these?