Pearls Before Swine 19 March 07

Stephen, say it ain’t so.

Why not? How else do you expect him to get rid of biohazradous waste? Dump it on the Jersey shoreline?

What did you expect him to do? Transport them to a Klingon ship?

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be Rat when I grow up, it just seems a little…rude, even for him.

I predict all will be well in the end. In other words, “it ain’t so.”

Really? Have you been reading the same comic strip that I’ve been reading?

Oh no. It is so.

C’mon. What happens to nearly every single guest character in that strip? They get killed off. (In the case of Angry Bob: twice.)

He only threatened his neighbor with a nuclear weapon. He didn’t use it.

But he ran down the Zits kid while babysitting the Baby Blues kids. The only reason why the Baby Blues kids are still alive is that Wren ate the Crocs that Rat left with them while he went out for more beer.

One must have one’s priorities in life.

Who’s smarter, a rat clone or a crock? If this was the end of the clones it would have ran on Saturday not Monday.

I wouldn’t use the day of the week as a factor in whether this is the end of the Rat Clones. Pearls has ended arcs on a weekday before.

As to who’s smarter? The Clones by a long shot, but they’re nice. They’re lunch.

Unless, of course, the Croc’s son (who is also nice) makes friends with them.

Stay tuned…

This is more edge-of-the-seat than Battlestar Galactica.

We’ll see. If Pastis ever brings cylons into it, they better look like appliances.

Well, of course, the setup with Pig and a toaster is too easy.
“Rat of Borg”…hmmm…

Since we’ve returned to the coffe shop today. I’m assuming it was so.

Mmm… Rat Clones. {drool, drool, drool}

I expected Rat to have sent a clone to work for him, and for it to receive a promotion for being so nice to the customers. :slight_smile:

The clones are all right!