Peculiar moved thread

So I was just perusing the Comments on Cecil’s Columns forum, and there’s an indicator link for a thread moved out of the forum (this one about the Celestine Prophesy, moved into Comments on Staff Reports. It’s an old, old thread, but recently bumped.

But here’s the odd part: It was moved three years ago, by JillGat! So why is the redirect link on the front page?

The best possibilities I can think of are:
1: It somehow got un-moved in the intervening years, and a mod saw it surface and quietly re-moved it
2: Something Really Weird happened.

The first possibility seems more likely, but Number 2 can never be completely eliminated on this board, either. So, what’s up with it?

Of this I’m sure since there are two threads with the same OPost and in each thread, it says that the OPoster only has one post (even though there are two threads with the same post posted twice.)

Original Old Thread.
Newly Resurrected Thread truncated at the Moderator’s move with recent postage.

I recommend a double lock down.


Sometimes people with, um, how shall I put it? People who have had many screen names and sign on to the board with new names just to be flaming pains in the posterior, is that a good description? They also pull up old thread while they’re at it.

When we remove the new post (and usually, the screen name), the old posting remains in the current queue, it does not go back to where they found it.

your humble TubaDiva

Yes, but that’s not the issue, here. My question is not why the thread is on the front page (I can see recent legitimate posts in it), my question is why it’s on the front page of Cecil’s forum, when it was supposedly moved out of there a blue moon ago.