Peculiar new spam trend

Has anyone else noticed the new trend in the titles of many spam mails?

Instead of the usual gobbledygook, the spam mails are now titled with a sequence of four words that appear competely unrelated and random.

For instance, here are the titles of the last three spam mails I have deleted:

“put hook dear touch”
“brush shame elastic false”
“kettle look start square”


Sometimes I get one word subject lines, and I wonder whether they thought that word would get my attention, or it was randomly generated. We may never know for sure.

I sometimes get lists of words either in the subject or in the body of the message.

Sometimes the message is the spam bit and then a screen or more of words with little relation to each other, if any.

I’ve gotten a few of those.

My theory on why this trend is starting is because by using real words they are better at getting by the spam filters. Computer programs that mass e-mail people from lists are very easily programmed to put random words in the subject line.