Peet's Coffee Price Differential

Peet’s coffee is $8 per pound at Safeway. So why is the same pound of the same coffee suddenly $18 when I walk into the Peet’s store? I mean, I can understand there being some difference between the two. One is going to sit on the shelf for a while and the other is presumably fresh. But more than double the price?!?


First, I bet that the “pound” in Safeway is actually 12 ounces. Second, it’s probably not as fresh-roasted as the one at the Peet’s store, and fresh-roasted is worth another $5-10 a pound.

Also, the online price at Safeway seems to be $13.50 a “pound”, with a pound being 12 ounces. If they were selling it in the store for $8, it may well have been an antique (really not fresh-roasted).

$8 at google express

$6.57 at Walmart

But you are right about the weight difference. That helps a bit.

So 1.13 per ounce at Peet's, .54 per ounce at Walmart. That’s still pretty extreme.