Peewee724 [Getting records from Michigan state police]

I live in Michigan. I believe a MSP office gave my address to my ex-husband. How can I find out if my name was pulled up by a police officer? This would have happened between March 13, 2013, and April 19, 2013.

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“MSP Office” as in Minneapolis St Paul police officer? Did you once live there? Was there ever a police report filed there concerning you and your ex? Would your address be a public record?

It’s hard to answer a question when there are insufficient details while attempting to understand the basis for the question. You may be vague in order to protect your privacy but a too vague request will only elicit a too vague response.

Talk with your lawyer.

I’m guessing MSP = Michigan State Police office®. ?

I had a minor problem years ago with a Pennsylvania State Police officer. I called his barracks, asked for a supervisor, and was surprised when the guy took my report and acted on it.

There’s no harm in simply contacting the Michigan State Police and telling them your whole story. They’ll tell you what you can do next.

Michigan State Police Contact Page

Legal advice is best suited to IMHO. Title edited to indicate subject.

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In most instances, your name and address is a matter of public record. There are any number of “people finder” type websites where anybody can get that information and more for a fee. It is also possible to find an incredible amount of information from free sources, both online and offline. If you own property, the local tax collector and/or county courthouse will have various juicy details available to anyone that wants to look. If you’ve been arrested in the last few years, booking information and possibly a mugshot may be available online. Etc.

The point of all of the above is that your address would be easy to find without going through law enforcement sources. Your Ex could find out just about anything he really wants to know about you. So can anyone else that knows your name.

I think your only option is to contact the State Police and trust that they will investigate.

In most law enforcement agencies, this sort of thing is against the rules, so if they find proof he did what you suspect, he will likely get in trouble. However, you may or may not ever be informed of the results of the investigation.

If they do nothing and it happens a second time, I guess you could try to get the FBI to look into it. But that’s a long shot.