Peg-legged Historical Figure

Who was the guy back in the 1600s during the time of the Dutch colonization that had a peg leg and a nickname associated with said wooden limb?

You are probably thinking about Peter Stuyvesant. But I don’t think he had a nickname during his life.

No, there was definitely some nickname-age afoot. heh. pun.

Can you give us a bit more context? Since the word “peg-leg” doesn’t go back to the 1600’s, you must be thinking of another term.

Any help as to where your heard this? In what context?

Merely as a matter of speculation it might have been something including the name Knickerbocker.

The influence of that family name is strong even today-----as in the NY Knicks.
And ,for that matter ,Any New Yorker is referred to as a Knickerbocker in some circles.

Maybe Stuyvesant was the original “Charley Knickerboaker!”


It must be Stuyvesant right? aka “Peg Leg Pete” and “Old Silver Nails” from the stick of wood studded with silver nails that was his artificial limb.

Hmm, now here’s a thread right up my alley!

~ stuyguy

PS – EZ, “Knickerbocker” was a fictional character invented by Washington Irving, not the member of a real NY family. He got it from the name of the baggy pantaloons that the area’s early Dutch settlers wore.

peg leg pete! yes! amazing. thank you.

Harper’Monthly,1876, suggests otherwise