Pegasus the Flying Table

No one will believe me that one of the Saturday morning shows of my youth was a TV series named “Pegasus the Flying Table.” The show was about a young
girl who would go off on adventures on the top of her flying table.

I’ve tried various Web searches and asked many who are the same age as I am, and apparently I am the only one who ever watched the show.

Can anyone substantiate my claim, recap a story or two, or tell me about the stars (the girl and the table)?

My mother used to watch that show!

She would tell my sister and I stories about how she’d watch it. I found the fact that the table spoke via its drawer was particularly funny since I always imagined Pegasus ramming Suzie in the gut when it spoke. My mother would inform me that the drawer was on the side and Suzie was unharmed.

If no one here can help you, I’ll have to call her. I can’t promise she’ll remember anything beyond that the show existed though.

Susan’s Show

There are a few more google hits on the show. Maybe there’s some episode stuff in there?

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Thanks for the Google link. I now have the proof I need.

My searches didn’t work because I was looking for “flying.”

They must have retitled the show in Denver. I don’t recall ever seeing the titles Susan’s Show, Mr Pegasus, or Pegasus the Talking Table.

FWIW, this show must have aired in Cleveland OH at the time of my youth. i can remember being told by my paternal grandmother that i used to talk to the table at the end of the upstairs hall, apparently trying to make friends with it. (my recollections are of being AFRAID of that table – i was probably trying to convince it not to hurt me.) and that show was the source of said fascination/fear. strangely, though, while i only had hazy recollections of the actual show even then (i was pre-school at the time, i believe), i can’t really recall the table character itself. i think i was subconciously blocking it in my memory even back then.

I grew up on the near north side of Chicago… I used to watch the show on WBBM channel 2… I am around the same age as Suzy. I was surprised when she, as a teenager, showed up at a DePaul Academy sock hop.(an all boys high school I attended- she was attending Immaculate Heart an all girls high school)… I asked her to dance to the song “You don’t remember me but I remember you”. I was so excited to dance with a TV star… a star I watched on TV. The year 1957/58… Yes I remember her… and… Mr Pegasus the flying table.

There was a British book that had flying chairs. There was jelly that you put on them and the chairs would sprout wings.

Zombie Tables!

As long as this has been bumped, I thought I’d supply the following links.

There’s the first few minutes of an episode on YouTube:

The complete episode (in slightly better video quality) can be seen at . Free registration is required for access and searching, which is the only way to find the show. The video format is Windows Media.

Also, LIFE Magazine did an article on her. Over 150 photos, including many behind-the-scenes shots and a few in color, can be found with this Google image search:"susan+heinkel"+source%3Alife&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=

I remember this show from my childhood. There was very little information available when I first searched for it, but since then the information I’ve linked to had been added.