Peggy Hill: insecure do-gooder or arrogant moron?

I think that was the same episode.

I was dissappointed at the way his relationship with Rev Stroup ended. That would’ve really turned his life around.

Agreed. Bill could have a pretty good life, but he does need someone to fill the giant gaping hole in his emotional life. Hes actually a pretty grea guy (if none too bright) when he feels loved.

Even that’s Peggy being a good surrogate mother…an unscrupulous one, but she’s doing her best to keep Luanne from ruining her life by marrying a white trash loser. It’s an awful thing to do to Lucky, but not an awful thing to do to Luanne.

Arrogant moron…but I love her anyway. Where Bill’s stupidity is just grating and embarrassing, Peggy’s self-confidence and pettiness seldom fail to crack me up.

What I really love is that there are two King of the Hill threads on this board at the moment. Been watching the show a lot lately, and think it’s great and deserves discussion.

The other one was derived from this one, but I agree. In fact (and I say this as a liberal) it is one of the few shows that pokes fun at the liberal progressive agenda.

I cannot think of another funny ‘conservative’ minded show.

I just hope Adult Swim airs the 4 episodes that Fox didn’t show.

They are. They aired one last Sunday and this Sunday.

So far, all I have seen are the episodes from the last season that aired on Fox. There were 4 episodes that Fox didn’t air that I’m hoping AS got ahold of.