Penalty for Cell Phone Blocker?

Supposing I’m caught transmitting radio waves that block cell phone usage within the immediate area, what is max fine I could get? Jail time?

Federal Communications Commission

United States Code

Knock yourself out. And don’t do it.

If someone died when they couldn’t make that 911 call, I would say jail time is likely.

The technology required to block digital cellphones while remaining undetected yourself is non-trivial.

Making a noise jammer is pretty easy; making one that’s good enough to be locally effective without being a beacon for the Feds to track down is another thing. Don’t forget all cell towers are direction finders.

Pre 9/11 this would be a funny prank; post 9/11 you may well get to test out the unconstitutional parts of the PATRIOT act. (I use allcaps to ensure nobody confuses that hellish acronym with the term “patriot” which refers to a desirable trait of most citizens.)

I find that I can stop cellphone usage in public places by walking up to the person and participating in his/her conversation in a loud voice. I play the part of the person on the other end. It doesn’t take long and they get the idea.

That tactic doesn’t work in cars, but if that’s your beef and you want undistracted drivers around you, well, stop and think.

Who’s more distracted: somebody in the middle of a phone call, or somebody fumbling with “hello? Hello? HELLO?” and trying to redial?

Headsets are more and more common here, even though there are no local laws encouraging them. I’d far rather be in the lane next to somebody yakking into their headset than the same person fumbling to find the phone, read the display, push the buttons, etc. as they try to redial their disconnected call.