Penguins: Ever eaten one?

So after watching* Happy Feet* and March of the Penguins, it occurred to my inner foodie to wonder what these creatures taste like, given their diet of fish.

On a serious note, have any of you Dopers eaten one, and how did it taste?

Like a club sandwich. No, wait, that was the seal pup.

Cooked up a merganser I shot by accident once. Tasted like fish oil gone bad. I’d imagine a penguin would be similar but worse.

“Penguins is practicly chickens.” At least that’s what the experts at Warner Brothers claim.

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I am truly sorry I asked.

I’ve never had penguin, but I’ve eaten puffins, which have a similar diet. They taste rich and gamey—only a little fishy; more like a sort of livery rare beef steak. In case you want to try puffin yourself, they’re commonly eaten in Iceland, so get thee to Reykjavík and browse the local restaurant menus.