What's Penguin Taste Like?

Well? Chicken? Frozen chicken? Greasy? Fishy?

Oddly enough, I’ve actually heard about this. Penguin is supposed to have a very dirty, oily taste. Apparently, it is fairly unfit for eating.

Given their diet, it probably tastes like fishy chicken.

I would think it’d be very fatty. They’re basically all fat and feathers.

As the farmer said when he kissed the cow, “Every man to his own taste!”
I’ll pass, you can have my share.

Don’t care much for chicken either!

And such small portions!


How do you cook a penguin ?

What does a hummingbird taste like? Seriously.

True story:

My Spanish prof was lecturing about South America, and specifically, Patagonia. During one section about penguins, she mused, “I wonder what they taste like.”

I think I’ll print this out and show her.


I dunno, but here’s how you cook a camel.

No, no, no! You have to smoke Camels…

I believe that this report originated with the Shackleton expedition.

Your turn for the bad pun flogging at Gettysdope III. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure the answer will seem obvious when I hear it but how could hauling off penguin poop be bad for them?

Well, they should be mostly red meat.

C’mon! That was like the world’s most perfect straight line, just sitting there ripe for the pickin’. How could I resist that?!

Apparently, they taste better than tofurky. But then, wouldn’t everything?

<open-source evangelist>

Penguins taste like freedom…


So THAT’s what they use to season Freedom Fries!

:eek: Tuckerfan, you were just asking for reference purposes, right? You wouldn’t really eat a penguin, my most favorite creature, right? Right? Right?

:: gives **Tuckerfan **the hairy eyeball ::

They’re crunchy!

You know, come to think of it, this symbol:


has never been more appropriate.

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