Penile Lengthening Column II

Manda JO,

> There has been pretty significant work done on the male orgasm as well, and apparently no researcher ever noticed “Gee, these intact men get off harder.” <

With all due respect, what research would that be? Female genitalia has been studied to a great extent along with female erotic sensations. No model exists for male sensations except for the model that I personally created.

Gaudere already started the continuation thread


> agrees with my father that I had phimosis <

Well, I'm not going to get into what is meant by "phimosis" because doctors commonly get confused on what this is. You're telling me, that your foreskin was interfering with you ability to urinate. That tells me that the membrane between your glans and foreskin had already disintegrated (natural process) so that your foreskin was no longer attached to you glans (otherwise, your foreskin would have been held out of the path of your urine). So, your problem was only that you couldn't retract  your foreskin back. Manual stretching would have solved the problem unless it was a very rare, stubborn case. Then one would use 5% testosterone cream (personally, I'd bet that manual stretching will always work eventually without have to resort to the testosterone cream).


>“I can’t prove that murder is a bad thing. That would be proving a negative and…” <

Typically absurd statement. No, you can't prove that murder is a bad thing because you never know when a murder will be committed that you might feel is justified (there is such a thing a justifiable homicide in the law, you know).

> “I can’t prove that rape is a bad thing. That would be proving a negative and…” <

That's right, you can't. What if someone held a gun to your head and told you to carry out a rape or you would be dead? Anyone that supports a child's first sexual experience as being part of his penis getting amputated could easily rationalize some justification for a rape, I would imagine.

> “I can’t prove that stealing is a bad thing. That would be proving a negative and…” <

All sorts of things are stolen and it's considered good by society. Another bad example on your part. The rape point was your best example.

> Have I made my point? <

Aristotle would say "no." I'm sure if there was a way to prove a negative, Aristotle would have figured it out. I'm sure that mankind has not waited for jab1 to come along and do what Aristotle couldn't even do.

> Holy crap! You’re right! Babies can’t complain! That means all the times I ever heard a baby cry from pain, I was actually hallucinating! <

Ohh, what was I thinking??? You're so right!!! When that baby lets out that blood-curdling scream as his genitals are being slashed, that is his way of saying "no." Very perceptive of you. Have you informed your local hospital?

> (Why do I keep debating this guy? Practice.) <

You need it.

I’m going to give you a chance here, JDT, because I pity you that much. My father, who is an RN, and not by mistake, tells me I had phimosis. Both a pediatrician and a pediatric urologist agreed. My foreskin had swelled to the point where I was not able to urinate. Stretching it would have done no good. Know how I know? Because that’s what happens with phimosis, or at least what happened in my case. It had swollen. Had to be removed.

And I did just get done reading some literature on phimosis . . . evidently in most cases, stretching of some sort does work. In this case, according to the educated minds of three people, surgery was the best option.

Jack, in this case you are wrong. Stretching would not have worked. You don’t know what you’re talking about here, and I do wish you’d let go of this notion that you know more about my foreskin than I do. It is rather annoying.

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As porcupine already noted (and Jack ignored), Gaudere already started a Part 2 thread. We don’t need another. Hell, I don’t even think we ever needed Part 1. Be that as it may, I’m closing this one.

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