Penis Enlargement

As we probably all know that yes, if a praticular man is looking for a penis enlargement than he can turn to a surgicial procedure. But like most men i don’t want a knife near my <ahem> little buddy. So my question that i pose is there really any device or method to increase the length of the penis without surgery?

I look at nekkid pikchurs of wimmen. Makes my little buddy nice and long. :D:D:D

If this is a serious question the answer is other than surgery, which can always be botched, I don’t believe there are any reliable methods to “improve your outlook”. Any Urologists out there please chime in. Usually men realize in time that 1) size is a relatively thing (ie. you’re not as small as you think you are and 2) MOST women, certainly not all, aren’t that hung up by it anyway. While bigger is better… being huge brings on its own set of issues.

The problem is that most men get their perspective from porn which doesn’t portray reality. John Holms was 13"… while the average man is closer to 6".

If you are really small (compared to real people you know) then you should consult your doctor but chances are you fall within the bounds of normal so you have to learn to deal with it and move on. Nobody really cares how big you are (in most cases) so you probably shouldn’t spend a lot of energy worrying about it IMHO.

Check out this site:

For the record I’ve seen weights offered that you can attach to yourself and there are also small vacuum pumps that may change your appearance temporarily… but it’s not a part of the anatomy I would think you would want to experiment with.

I read once and I’m not joking that a biker said that his father taught told him that when he was going through puberty, that he should hang weights on his penis during the day to lengthen it. He said that he went from 5 inches to 9 inches during this time.

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Do penis enlargement devices actually work?


I’d read that penis pumps could be used to enlarge the penis. And, in fact, I’ve seen morbidly fascinating
pictures of men post-pumping. These may have been purely photoshop fictions, but I don’t see why they couldn’t be real. If suction is applied to the penis, it draws blood into the area, and what with the tissue there being somewhat stretchy, it could make for a larger member. Or, in these cases, enourmously unusable members.

In the literature I read (this is “literature” in the advertisement sense, not “literature” like dostoevsky) they said it wasn’t permanent and it wasn’t for use, but more for showing off when cruising for boys.

There are also “penis extensions” available from various places. These essentially work like thick condoms with a penis-like object on the end. It doesn’t really count as enlarging your penis, but if your goal is to surprise that special someone with suddenly increased dimensions, that’d be one way. You’ll also increase your self-control, ejaculation-wise, since you probably won’t be able to feel a damn thing. In addition, the extra length and decreased sensation may mean you bonk your partner’s cervix and not notice, which many women find unpleasant. And if your partner decides to go down on you, they may wonder at the cold, insensitive apparatus you’re sporting.

Okay, okay, the penis extender is pretty much off topic. But I can’t help it, it’s just so goofy.

As for avoiding surgery, good choice. The chance for error is just too high, especially since I can’t imagine that penis enlargement clinics attract the best and brightest surgeons.

There was an article about this in last month’s Playboy. Said article claims that, if you use a pump, “you willbe amazed at the size of the monster between your legs” (or words to that effect). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to DO anything with it, and the feeling is impaired. This, to me, sounds like a Deal with the Devil – a large penis that you can’t use.

If you use a penis pump you risk getting an air bubble up your pee tube. I don’t know what that is like but I don’t want to imagine it.

From what I’ve learned on the LoveLine radio show with Adam Carolla (great show):

  • Yes, they can be dangerous, and they will most likely decrease the sensitivity

  • It will make your penis bigger…

  • HOWEVER, all it does (if anything) is increase the skin around the penis, and the inside part (the important part) is left unaffected. And the result is a weird dangly saggy penis.

  • Therefore, you should not use penis pumps, or weights, or any other method.

  • Air bubbles in the pee-hole? Ouch!

I just spent 55 minutes telling about my personal experiences with penis enlargement and vaccuum pumps. The post was well-written, frank but not coarse, and and the network here cut out briefly

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You all know how I feel.

I will repost on Saturday if you can be patient/are interested at all.

[sub]but it won’t be as good[/sub]

Ok, as a gay man with (ahem) a fair amount of experience I can say authoritatively:

Do your best with whatcha got.

Really big units often suffer from two basic problems:

  1. They won’t get hard.
  2. They won’t stay hard.

Other than that, they’re perfect ;).

Lotsa gay guys are notorious size queens. But press 'em on it and they’ll remember their he-was-so-big-he-never-got-hard experiences, and their he-was-so-big-all-we-could-do-was-jerk-off experiences, and the always-charming he-was-so-big-all-he-thought-he-had-to-do-was-lie-back-and-be-admired experiences.

If it’s causing you that much angst, what you need isn’t growth, but a shrink.

That’s great! :stuck_out_tongue:

<blush> whah thang kyeeewwwww</blush>.

My personal experiences of vaccuum pumping come from my friend “Hans” who is a keen pumper and gave me a try some time ago.

In light of the OP, yes regular vacuum pumping CAN result in a larger penis - in some men, that is. I also suspect that it is an effective increase only as long as you keep a regular pump activity going, but that’s just a suspicion. But it has worked for Hans. Over the last two years his dick has grown fatter, the foreskin longer. Whether the spongy inner part is larger, I am not so sure. But it looks quite attractive, has NOT lost feeling and gets erect quite normally.

May I suggest that the bad press that other posters have given pumping isn’t entirely fair. Like “air bubbles up the pee tube”. It seems to me that if the pump draws air out of the tube to create a vacuum that the penis will enlarge to fill, any pesky little air bubbles would be forced OUT of the pee-tube rather than in.

The dangers of pumping are, I consider, merely of the same proportion as dangers that attend any kind of body modification, like corsetting, lifting weights, piercings, are examples.

And these are often exaggerated for moralistic reasons. For example, if you listen to popular journalists, and the mothers of the world, you’d know that getting your tongue pierced will ruin your teeth, your health and your reputation. Hundreds of thousands of teenage girls seem to be proving that the consequences aren’t quite that dire. Same with vacuum pumping, boys!

What does it feel like? The pumped sensation is very pleasant to some, but not to me. I had a “pins and needles” feeling followed by a stretched feeling bordering on discomfort. I was glad to stop. But it was nice to have a fatter, longer dick though. Depending on how long you pump the effect can last for a few days. Most men seriously into pumping like to “take it for a walk” (ie show it off, in tight pants, usually at a gay bar) once they have the dramatic size increase.

There is also another method of penis enlargement [this gets a little bit detailed, I warn you]. I had a booklet given to me, outlining a method that I’m sure would work for most men. It’s based on having a warm bath and then holding the er, knob of the organ and doing dick-calisthenics.

Six stretches right, six stretches left. Six upwards, six down. Circles, figures of eight, stretching the bottom half and stretching the top half, and so on. I tried it twice and both times I got that old feeling before I was even part-way through. The exercises became er, informal and then pleasure-centred and I never finished the course.

But I’m sure that if you persisted some difference could be made. It certainly is possible by using stretching and weights to stretch the skin of the penis to mimic a lost fore-skin. The piercings I have in my penis have demonstrated that weighty jewellry will eventually enlarge the size of the original hole. Those Ubangi ladies once stretched their bottom lip with wooden discs, the Chinese bound feet, and so on. The human body will adapt quite amazingly if called upon to do so.

But the other bottom line, in line with xtnjohnson’s post is that if your penis is very small, these kind of techniques won’t do it for you. The percentage of increase may be the same as a larger-endowed friend, but the actual centimetre increase won’t make enough difference psychologically.

Fortunately there are plenty of us who care more about the size of a partner’s heart than the size of his dick.

The ultimate line at a sleazy pick-up bar:

“Sure, I’d love to go to the Bahamas, too, but I’m saving up for penis-reduction surgery.”

you all could always try the Kama Sutra’s method. If I remember correctly, it involves covering your penis with honey, allowing like sixty bees to sting it (!), followed by digging a hole in your mattress and sleeping on your stomach for four weeks with your member inserted in said hole, waiting for it to heal. Hell, if it means that much to yall, give it a go.

But really, one thing we all must remember is that proportion is a tricky thing. I asked my ex-girlfriend once who had the biggest penis, and she said that she can’t accurately say because height plays such a big role. Give a 6’5" guy a 6" penis, and it might not look that big. Give a 5’5" guy a 6" penis and, well, hey.


Hence Tom Thumb’s secret life as a porno star???

I remember mine kept getting bigger and bigger every year until my late adolescence!