Penis Size/Penile Hardness - Any Relationship?

In your experience, have you noticed any relationship between the size of a man’s erect penis and the amount of hardness/stiffness that his erection achieves?

If so, would you say that the two attributes are positively correlated (larger penis = firmer erection) or negatively correlated (smaller penis = firmer erection)?


This question, from a guy from Gobblers Knob.

Just sayin’… :wink:

A couple women have told me they prefer smaller peni because they do get harder.
Of course, women do tend to be kind to their lovers. Generally. :wink:
My reply doesn’t mean anything.

I don’t recall any difference, but then again, immediate, direct comparison might be somewhat awkward for all concerned. :smiley:

What I remember about the erect penises I have enountered is not the physiognomy but rather the person to which said penis was attached and the whole experience of encountering it.

My, that was a very convoluted way of saying, “If there is a difference, it doesn’t matter.” Not to me, at least.

Granted, I’ve only seen and helf my own penis, but from watchinga few porn flicks that featured men with large wangs, (as in, any women who is not a porn star would probably run away screaming large,) and it did appear that they did not get as hard as the average to larger than average, but still in the realm of not scaring women, wangs. But then, just looking at one in porno is different then seeing and feeling it up close and such.

It’s not the size, or the hardness, that gets a man loved. It’s the curve. :wink:

No correlation I’ve noticed, no.

So it’s short and bent?

I have to say from my experience that there is no correlation between size and “firmness” when erect.

For reference purposes, I have “experienced” sizes ranging from “pinky finger” (less than 2 inches when erect) to “porno star” (about 10 inches and yes it hurt more than it was worth).