Small/medium penis vs. attraction to petite women - correlation?

Has anyone else wondered if there is, generally speaking, a correlation between average height/tall guys who like petite women vs. perception of their own penis size (as small/medium?)

Do average height/tall guys who perceive themselves as having a medium/small unit generally find petite women more physically attractive?

If you are said guy, are you less physically attracted (or even intimidated) by taller, bigger women ?

I know for a fact that I find shorter, petite women more attractive for this very reason. My height is 6 ft tall, my unit average. :rolleyes:

What pisses me off :mad: is that there are (obviously) many, many beautiful, sexy, intelligent taller bigger women - and I have this petite requirement that won’t even give a tryout to taller women (even ones 3-4 inches shorter than me. I like slender women, about 5’4" and below.) I hate that. It’s just that part of my feeling manly is intimately connected with this issue.

I feel so shallow. No pun. Intended.

Anyone else care to weigh in on this? Anecdotally or scientifically, doesn’t matter.



I dunno about the height thing, but I used to work with a guy who said he preferred to date women with small hands - made his wang look bigger! :rolleyes:

Actually, me too. But that’s not surprising :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you feel that your attraction to smaller women is because of ability to satisfy woman (i.e., are you assuming that small woman=small vagina=better for small penis)? Or is it that you feel you’d have less success with a taller woman and therefore feel intimidated/less likely to initiate stuff with them?

I’m 6’ tall. Astoundingly, being tall doesn’t mean I have a giant black hole of a vagina that can’t get feel a smaller penis.

I’ve always assumed the preference for tall/short was the same as for blonde/brunette/redhead/big tits/big butt/whatever - in other words, just a general ‘something’ that appeals to the eye.

But to base your potential dates off whether they’ll make your dick look huge just seems kind of narcissistic. :dubious:

I’m a 6’'1" tall guy and I prefer taller women, only because we “match” when we are laying in bed or walking down the street, or whatever. In bed, we are “face to face” and not “face to chest”

I read that as “less likely to stuff them”


I do not know how my penis compares in the grand scheme of things. It is sufficient to reach my body.

I do know that I am attracted to both big and small women.

You made his wang look bigger too?


That’s such a baffling place to come from.

I don’t think there’s any correlation between vagina size and height. (Unless there is…more knowledgable dopers, feel free to correct me.)

I don’t think there is either. I’m sort of tallish (5’8"), and I’ve had the uncomfortable “cervical bang” more often that I would have liked, with guys with pretty average man bits.

So, there certainly isn’t a correlation with ME although an informal poll of my gal pals tends to suggest they are similar. That is, I had one TEENY friend who prefered monster penises, and friends more similar in height to I who prefered the more average penis size, so there you go.

For those of us without a cervix, what is a cervical bang?

It’s when, during vaginal intercourse, the penis hits the cervix of the receiving woman.

And it hurts.

I think she means when the penis strikes the cervix during intercourse. For most (not all) women, it is an unpleasant sensation, and can be rather painful and moodkilling.

I’m pretty tall and I’ve dated guys with varying degrees of endowment.

In my experience size is irrelevant in all but one area: guys with smaller penises get better blowjobs.


I have spectacularly average guyparts (the number so often cited as average length? yep, that’s the model I was issued).

I can’t recall more than ~ 5 times in my lifetime when I’ve given any consideration to it as an issue except when the topic appeared as a subject of conversation. And never at all with regards to my choice of partners or my surmises about whether I would be found attractive.

Women, feel free to correct and thereby educate me, but I don’t think a male’s equipment-dimensions are particularly ascertainable when he’s got clothes on and things are in a standard, rather than aroused & ready, condition. So even ignoring the womenfolks who don’t greatly care one way or the other what the crotchal merchandise measures up to, and concerning ourselves only with the ones that do, it still doesn’t strike me as being the male equivalent of tit size.

I’d probably wonder more about it if I regularly attended strip-poker parties or something…

Everybody has a cervix. Women have two.

Same here, though I’m female. Matching is wonderful, it’s rare when that happens for me though.

As for the OP I find the opposite actually. The shorter guys are more likely to hit on me than tall guys (my height and up). The tallest guy I was with was my height (6’1) while the rest averaged about 5’8 and the shorest was about 5’5 or 6.