Penny Arcade Expo '07 -- Seattle Gamer Festival

Any dopers going to PAX this year?
Any dopers ever even heard of PAX? :smiley:

For the uninitiated PAX is a three-day gamerfest feauting new game demos, speakers, game (video and tabletop) tournaments, bands, plenty of swag for sale, and lots of fun in general.

This year’s keynote speaker is Wil Wheaton, aka Wesley Crusher.

I can’t really wait till august, it’s gonna be a blast!
I’d love to finally meet some other dopes if this is any of your guys’ thing.

I have heard of PAX and would go if I was local. I bet Wil Wheaton will be a hoot; he always struck me as basically king of the geek celebrities.

Yeah, if I lived anywhere near there, I’d totally go. Maybe one day…

Resurrection! (with mod permission, natch)

Last call guys! If any Seattle area dopers are free next weekend, do yourself a favor and pop on by. The schedule is up. There’s going to be a con-wide multiplayer game, of which I’m one of the four main leaders :eek:, and just plenty of fun all around.

If anyone’s on the fence, just say so, and I can lay out my case ever so eloquently.
Hope to see someone there.

Not planning to go (distance, location, and work forbid me), but I’ve certainly heard of it. Are you around on the PA forums?

This and the SD Comic Con are the two things i’d be wanting to go to if I went over there. Have fun!

I’m really surprised this thread is so dead.

I went! T’was my first con ever and my boyfriend’s company (they had a booth set up in the exhibition center) had a few extra 3-day passes. I got to go help out with a couple of their events, stand in the godawful Subway lines for a couple of the guys and just generally goober around.

Aioua if you’re still checkin up on this thread, what was that multiplayer game all about? I totally missed it.

I went on behalf of a website providing coverage. I won 2nd place in the Mario Kart tourney…for the 3rd time in a row! Damnit, 1st place was so close too!

PAX is great fun.