People born in 1985 can vote.

And people born in 1982 can buy alcohol.

This “oh my God I’m so old” moment brought to you by my idle brain which stabbed me in the ego with this realization while I was in the shower this morning.

My daughter got her voter registration card in the mail a week before her 18th birthday. Hard to believe my child, who is so clueless by choice about politics, will cast a vote for the next president.

Oh my god, there goes the government.
^I hereby grant myself the Arnold Schwarzenegger Award for today

Hey! What generation voted in Nixon?

And I’m looking forward to voting for the first time.

Thank you for sharing that, Cervaise. I wasn’t feeling quite old enough today but you came along and fixed that right up!

Also worth mention: our Miss America was born a few days before 1982, and Miss Universe was born in 1985. :eek:

And some of those born in 1980-1981 are college graduates well into graduate school. I know a doctor born in 1980.

Most people born in 1990 are now teenagers. I remember when they didn’t exist…

I was born in 1985, can vote, AND can legally buy alcohol.

Oh, and I meant to add - :smiley:

Hey, we had this exact conversation in one of my classes today. Our teacher seemed horrified when she realized that when she was graduating college, most of us had not even been concieved. We all gleefully pointed out that most of us (born in 1986!) will be voting in the next presidential election.

I hear you! Who knows what these reckless youths will do to our society? Us more experienced souls will have to do our best to hold them in check!

Huh? My birthday? Umm… err… October 11, 1984.

But, hey, you’re never too young to be suspicious of the newer year models, you know…

I turn 18 in December, I can’t vote now, but I can in 2004.

Now that’s a frightening thought! I remember well those days, ah the 80’s.

Nice to meet someone else from Tallahassee, btw.

[Old Timer Mode]
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :eek:

1985 was a good year. I was a student at UT in Austin, TX … that February it actually snowed (a very rare occurence in Austin) and it was great fun getting out and walking to the liquor store for (ahem) sustenance to get us through the cold. It was a good thing we walked too – the fools on the road did NOT know how to handle snow! I’ve never seen so many spin-outs. Great entertainment from the sidewalks, though.

I was running an AD&D campaign at the time. I remember this punk kid of 18 (I was 20) named Ian and his dumb-ass elf character named Nike (no, it’s pronounced nee-KAY) who nevertheless ended up being very funny … Now as I wonder where that guy’s gotten off to, I have this mental image of, well, a punk-ass 18-year-old and of course he’s got to be 37-ish now …


Ah, those were the days.
[/Old Timer Mode]

Most people born in 1985 won’t give a crap to vote anyway. And even if they did, the absentee voter registration procedure (in Virginia, at least) is a pain in the butt. And most people that age will be in college, so they have to vote absentee.

It is my belief that the current young generation (somtimes called “Generation Y” for reasons that escape me) has generated little to no political impact in the world of late. I doubt the next batch of 18-year-olds will do much to change that.

Just curious, A_X, since you say “Most people born in 1985 won’t give a crap to vote anyway” and your location is “Virginia Tech” can we assume you’re on staff somehow? Or an older student?

And we’re going to regret it when we find that in our prime, half of our income is going towards helping the geezers maintain the lifestyle they had when THEY were in their prime.

I remember freshman year in college when we were sitting around flabbergasted that next year’s class would have to be born in the '80’s. Then hanging out with my 18 stepbrother, playing video games, and finding out a girl I graduated high school with was a new teacher at his high school. Yikes, I am feel old and I’m not even that old.

What a bummer being American is.

Wha? You can register to vote where you go to school. I did when I was in college.

My sister was born in 1984 and she is going to be TWENTY in a few months. MY SISTER. Now THAT makes me feel old.