People hunting.

In my opinion machine guns, and the like, are only used to hunt other people. A true sports man (person) if they must hunt, should be able to succesfully kill whatever animal there after w/o shooting many hundreds of times per second.

The voice of experience.

Thank you for a good laugh tomndebb.
You’re right about the machne guns. There really isn’t a sportsman-like use for them. Can’t hunt with 'em. The deer would be in too many peices.

Collecting, however is one ostensible reason.

I’m anti- gun control, but I can’t really see a purpose for them either.

I would believe the “gun collectors” excuse if it wasn’t used by every single nutcase with a large stockpile of weapons and ammo.
I have seen “gun collectors” with a couple dozen of the same make and model Uzis and other “hunting” rifles and gun shows.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
Hunter Thompson

NRA members should be taken out and shot.
With a bows ‘n’ arrows.


“Machine-guns” and all other full-auto firearms have been illegal for private ownership without a special, federally issued collectors permit for over 70 years.
Semi-auto firearms have been avialable to the general population with varing degrees of regulation for over one hundred years.
Oh, yeah, its the “sudden availability” of guns causing the latest rash of violence in schools.

as for shooting NRA members…
Well, you’re welcome to try. But I will put two rounds center-mass while someone is still drawing back thier bowstring!

“The universe doesn’t give first warnings or second chances”

Ryan if all NRA members have thier guns, can stock up ammo (If we warrn you first.)
And then, stop making these weapons for the general public and when a weapon of this kind is used in a crime it should be confiscated permantely. The number of guns used in crimes would reduse as the responcable people keep thier guns anr the irresponcable people, (weather the gun was used by them in the crime or not) lose the guns. This takes care of the irresponcable parrents with guns too. Hows this? (Oh, boy am I in for it now.)


Well, yeah, but as much for your obvious drunkenness while typing as your opinions.

Flick Lives!

Okkaaaaay…Not really sure what you are trying to “say” here Firetiger…But if I decypher your message correctly you advocate
us NRA-types to stockpile guns and ammo then the industry will just stop producing more?!?
Yeah, that will work!
(dismissive snorting sound)
FYI the strongest advocates of sever sentencing for the use of guns in a crime are NRA members.

“The universe doesn’t give first warnings or second chances”

People hunting is actually very apropos. The founding fathers did not guarantee gun ownership for hunting, collecting and target practice. They added guarnteed the right of gun ownership (and I am not going to argue whether it is private vs. militia) to shoot people. Namely tyrants, autocrats and those that would try to take away the rights of US citizens.

So the right to bear arms was indeed created to “hunt people.” not exactly how I would put it, but close enough. The trick is which people can be hunted. It is certainly OK to kill Serbs and iraqis. Murderers can be killed as can intruders. The problem only comes when you kill the wrong type of “people.”

Does that mean we cut off their trigger fingers?

Yah, and any boob with a bastard file, half a brain and a couple hours to spare knows how to make them fully automatic (at least as far as the AR-15 goes). Poof goes this argument.

A small package of value will come to you shortly.

No, that’s a song title from The Jefferson Airplane’s After Bathing at Baxter’s.

Nickrz wrote:
Yah, and any boob with a bastard file, half a brain and a couple
hours to spare knows how to make them fully automatic (at least as
far as the AR-15 goes). Poof goes this argument.
Sorry, but the idea that semi-aut weapons are easy to make into fully-auto weapons is a “hollywood special” just like people flying through the air when shot…looks impressive, but isn’t realistic.
And again, anyone who would attempt such modification is breaking an exsisting federal law, a new law banning such weapons is hardly required. BTW- the “right to keep and bear arms” refers to what is and was considered “small arms” rifles, pistols ect.
NOT “engines of war” such as then were in use
cannons, mortars and warships, or now in use
machine guns, nuclear weapons, or biological warfare agents.

“The universe doesn’t give first warnings or second chances”

Machine guns are OK.
But for my money, you can’t hunt a human better than with a good old-fashioned military-grade sniper rifle; bolt action, heavy barrel, monster scope.

Remind me to watch my back.

Sniper rifles-reach out and touch someone!

FYI some target-style rifles are far
more accurate than mil-spec sniper rifles, but if your “hunt” takes you into the bush, take the mil-spec.Walther, Dragunov, or H&K are the best bets!
Remember-at close range, nothing beats a shotgun…except a flame-thrower!

“The universe doesn’t give first warnings or second chances”

At close range, nothing beats a shotgun…
except a sawed-off shotgun. Oops… that would be a violation of state & federal laws… good thing nobody would think of violating those, huh?

I gave a very specific instance of a weapon (AR-15) that can very easily be made fully automatic. Although others are more difficult (or impossible) to convert, they can still spew hot lead death at an alarming rate. Sporting arms, my ass.

I don’t know about some of you people. Your lack of brain power makes me sad for this country. Lets just suppose that it became illegal for American Citizens to own guns. Ok, so now we have a country where the only people with guns are the criminals. Hmmmm…seems like it would be a field day every day for them. They wouldn’t think twice about robbing everyone they came across. I think I’d prefer to live in Iraq if guns were outlawed in the U.S. Now lets look at it the way I think it should be. Every American Citizen who is over the age of lets just say 18 bacause some would say 16 is too young, I wouldn’t say that but I’m sure some of you would. Ok, and to own a gun you would be required to take a firearms safety course before your permit would be granted. Then once you have your permit you are allowed to carry your weapon concealed or not, anywhere and everywhere you went. Do you think that the criminals would have the balls to rob a bank or a 7-11 store when the chances are that most if not everyone in the place had a weapon of their own. Ponder that one. I’m sure some of you would agree with me.

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