People in 20 states file petitions to secede

Sore losers.

A Small Number Of Whiny Little Bitches In 20 States File Petitions That Will Go Nowhere.

That’s the real headline.

You could probably get roughly the same number of signatures if you said you wanted to send members of (insert political party here) to re-education camps.

I say we accept the application of Texas. You know, just to see what happens. Like an experiment.

At least they didn’t move to Canada like the sore losers of '04.

Strange how? It takes a majority of the state’s voters to decide for one presidential candidate or another. It only takes a handful to petition for secession or anything else.

It only takes 150 signatures to get the petition public and only 25,000 to getr a response from the White House on it. Not like this is hard to do. And even with these low milestines, only Texas got enough to warrent a response.

I propose selling them back to Mexico. We get money to put towards the debt and lose Texans. It is a no-lose for everyone, except Mexico.

I know, right? So, does the writer think that every single voter in states that Obama won voted for Obama?

Set up a large bureaucracy to mis-process their applications for secession, and then aggressively bill them for it.

Kevin Underhill at Lowering the Bar points out that quite a few of the signatures for Texas’ secession are coming from out of state, which makes the petition a decidedly mixed message.

Again, I will gently remind folks that there are millions of us here that voted blue. DFW and Houston contributed over half a million votes for Obama each. We’re still outnumbered overall, but at least we’re trying to light up the cave. Do you have spare rooms for all of us if you kick the state out?

We can just evict the rest of the Republicans and send them over to live in their new right wing paradise, and you guys can move into their vacated homes! :smiley:

Sure, there will be plenty of immigrant visas for those who offer benefit to the 49 states. I think voting against Rick Perry pretty much guarantees you entry and a resettlement bonus.

So, we’re replacing Texas with Puerto Rico? At least we won’t have to change the flag.

Texas just surpassed the threshold for an official White House response.

I wonder how you say FOAD in officialese?

I am SO going to sign this thing.

That’s a petition to deport everyone who signed the petitions to withdraw from the US.

Answering the secession petitions should keep the White House janitor busy for a good five minutes.

The government better get to work on Zombie Sherman. We’re going to need his services shortly.

Anyone calling for secession and saying they are a Republican should by all rights be forced to include a disclaimer that they are “not affiliated with the party of Abraham Lincoln.

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”


Petition to deport said people has been signed (by me). I strongly encourage others to do the same. It would be awesome if it got more signatures than the 20 secessionist ones.