People Pages Q

If I missed this in a thread, just point me to it and I’ll sheepishly slink away.

Why are most of our pictures not on the People Pages anymore? Thought this was a glitch a few weeks ago, but see that it’s still the case.

There was a thread, but I can’t find it. I believe Shayna said that some of the files she had up on Geocities just up and dissapeared, but I may be mistaken.

G-d… I’m no help at all am I?

Hi Cranky. About half the pictures are gone because the directory they were all stored in got deleted by some sort of Geocities glitch. I’ve never been able to get them to respond about restoring those files, so the only thing to do is for me to contact every single one of those people, have them resubmit their pictures and recreate their pages from scratch. And the truth is that it’s going to be such a huge undertaking that I haven’t made the time to sit down and tackle it. :frowning:

I’m really sorry. I might just take a few of the people who’ve offered to help up on those offers and try to do something to fix the pages in the next few weeks.

Thanks so much for your patience with me.

Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

No rush, Shayna. Your work on the Peoples Pages is greatly appreciated, and I understand you’re not really eager to rebuild the whole damn thing just because Geocities blew a gasket. Heh - you get what you pay for, right? :wink:

I’m sure you’ll find plenty of people to help you out. Don’t look at me, though. My HTML is about as good as my Sanscrit.

Anyways, don’t sweat it, and take your time. :slight_smile:

Heck no, Shayna, I don’t blame you at all for not relishing that task. It was wonderful and amazing that you got it going the first time! Hope the planets line up at some point so you (or other Dopers) can get it going again, but I can understand is that takes awhile.

I’d offer to help, but I’d be a hindrance due to my lack of any computer skills. :slight_smile:

Shayna, I can do a little in Dreamweaver and I’ve got a good scanner here at work. If I’m not busy, I could pick at stuff to help, if you’ve got something easy!

Even though I am just a lurker I can lend hand if you need it. HTML is like a second language for me :slight_smile: and I have all the free time in the work due to working in a computer lab. Thats even if you need it.

Ok so where do we send our new pics?

Maybe I can keep a mirror on my site in case this happens again.

I’m glad to hear what happened! I’m still there, but so many were gone I thought there was some mass exodus, and I hadn’t been informed!

Yeah! Hey everyone, let’s have a diaspora. Shh…don’t tell Ellen!

As before, if you need server space or HTML work…I’m there for you. No worries.

Just a reminder to Shayna, I still have a buttload of the pictures I worked on…so, if you have a list I can look through them and upload them if you wanna.

Just let me know.

Shayna, you need to talk to Fierra. We have a solution that might make doing the pages and backing them up a whole hell of a lot easier. And if I say so myself, it kicks ass. :wink:

Shayna, mine is one of the ones lost, you can use any of these to replace it if you wish.

So tell us, whose picture was so bad it broke the board?

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You guys are so sweet.

BunnyGirl, kremit & Jonathan, thank you so much for offering to help with the HTML stuff. Thankfully, however, I haven’t lost any of the web pages, themselves. Everything’s still there, completely coded… except that the images are gone. The only reason I’d have to make any changes in the coding on any of the pages is if people submit a different picture than they’d sent before and I need to change the color scheme on their page to match it. If it does turn out that I have to make a lot of changes, I may very well take one or both of you up on your kind offer, though.

handy, having a mirror site might not be a bad idea. I’m going to check with Fierra per Anthracite to see what their idea is first. We also have a server here at my office that I’m sure I could use – I’d just have to get my network guy to come show me how to get everything copied onto it.

techchick, if you still have the pictures you worked on, that would SO ROCK! I wasn’t sure whether you’d been able to find them, so I didn’t get my hopes up. If you look at the dropdown menu on the page, everyone whose picture is missing is marked with an N/A (thank you, tatertot!). If you have any of those and could get them re-uploaded, that would save me a LOT of time!! Email me and I’ll send you the password.

Anthracite, I will contact fierra post haste. As I said above, though, doing the pages isn’t really the big issue - they’re done (unless I need to swap out colors on them). Looking up everyone’s email address; contacting them; retrieving all the emails; downloading the images; editing them for size, resolution, sharpness, bordering, etc.; then uploading them to the site - that’s what’s going to be so time consuming. I’d love to hear the idea you girls have come up with, though, so I’ll turn on my ICQ as soon as I’m done with this reply.

Thanks again everyone, for your offers of help and for your patience with me on this project. I promise, it WILL be restored someday - hopefully soon.

Jeg elsker dig, Thomas
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Shayna, if you let us know what size and resolution you want the pictures to be, then all Dopers with image editing software could make sure their images met your requirements. That’d take some work off your hands, at least.

Shayna the trick is finding the correct Zip Disk…I know I have them I just can’t find the friggin disk…UGH.

Also, once I do find them, I will need you to give me access to the site again. But we can cross that path when I actually find them.

< grrrr, what’d I do with the disk? >

Is Shayna sends me the password to the site(s) and people email me with your pics (if yours is missing only) then I will work to get your picture up again…

Unless I can find that disk, the pages will remain as…

So go and see if you are missing and send me a pic with your username in the email – if no username, it doesn’t get worked on…sorry folks that’s a lot of work to read your mind to an unknown person. :wink: