People shouldn't cook meat on Friday

First of all, cooking isn’t a foolproof method of preventing food poisoning. Not all germs are killed by cooking, many people don’t cook their food properly, and some isntances of food poisoning come from chemical, rather than biological, contamination. More importantly, if people followed the Church’s proscription against eating meat on Friday, they wouldn’t have so much food poisoning problems. Every single instance of someone getting food poisoning from meat on Friday could have been prevented by them simply not eating meat on Friday. People who cook meat on Friday are trying to get away with it, trying to avoid the consequences of eating meat on Friday. Keeping people from eating meat on Friday is the most important thing, and taking into consideration such irrelevancies as food poisoning would be pandering. So what if people die? They shouldn’t be ignoring the Church in the first place.

I think parodies are supposed to include links. :slight_smile:



Wait, no what?!!

First: I’m not Catholic, but didn’t they drop the whole meat on a Friday is a sin thing quite a few years back? I seem to remember a skit by George Carlin that was based on this fact (he wondered if there were still souls doing time in purgatory on a meat rap even though it wasn’t a sin anymore).*
Second: WHAT???! Is the OP serious or am I being whooshed?

Yes, I know that’s not a proper cite, but this is the Pit, not GD :stuck_out_tongue:

Um. would that be “link” sausages, though? OH hell, they are meat too.

I agree, do please give a link to what inspired this.
<Celyn wanders off, vowing to be careful about what she eats.>

Useless vow, actually - I really shall have to pay for one of those indulgence thingies that used to be so popular. Don’t know where they sell them though:(

Maybe there is a sort of “E-Bay” set up … " We Pray - You Pay" or something?

I do believe The Ryan is trying to parody the Church’s new stand on condoms and AIDS prevention.

I think you are being overly-generous when describing sausages as containing meat.


Yep. Trying. And failing miserably.

Trying, failing…:shrug:

Whatever, I’m still having a nice fat juicy steak tonight.

Ooh - ah good, I had not been following that sort of news from that sort of source. Of course, I shall run away now and learn.

So - a case of “Stand Up, Stand Up, for Jesus…” then?


(I quite like Leon Rosselson’s version of that though.)

Of course, Canon. 1253 provides that meat can indeed be eaten on Fridays.

Ahah, :slight_smile: well yes, in some cases, defintitely over-generous (or, then, happily misled, from the point of view of the cute moo-cows and the oink-oink cute piggies who might otherwise be sort of once again being inside their own insides, or at least those of their close relatives). :eek:

I believe there was one occasion at my university - yes **before my [//b] time, really, when about 6 or 7 students died of eating the sausages. (This was during the war years in Britain.)

The story goes that, on examination, the “sausages” in question were found to contain no meat at all, but did contain some quantity of arsenic. It must be just a U.L., mustn’t it? I mean, who would be so irresponsible as to …*

Ach… forget the last bit then:)
(I will try to find a reputable link to this - I would not doubt that these people died, but the sausage/arsenic connection just sounds a bit too much U.L. really.

  • cynical. moi? The place I went to for post-grad had a CHEF or at any rate, cook, in the refectory, who was an asymptomatic typhoid carrier. O the joy. Several people became quite unwell, oddly enough.

Rats! I messed up the Vb codes badly. Oops and mea culpa.

Um, no that I mean to admit to eating rats though.

I believe this is what the OP is trying to parody, although seeing as The Ryan is writing with his customary clarity, your guess is as good as mine as to which side of the debate he fall on.

See, this is why I only eat raw meat on Friday.

Ahh, Pork Sushi.

I had a salad… I try to do better next week!

memo: MUST have steak on Friday

The Ryan is demonstrating his usual genius. :rolleyes:

The Ryan shouldn’t post on Friday.

So how many men are still sitting in American prisons convicted of sodomy, even though the Supreme Court has overturned those laws?

This seems a lot less funny than when George Carlin joked about it.