People still here!

Wow. I’ve been off the boards for quite a while and am happy to see that there are still a lot of “old-timers” here. Neat!:slight_smile:

Welcome back! Don’t stay away so long!

Get off our lawn!

Wait, wait. Being an old-timer is a good thing now? :slight_smile:

Still here! Will you stick around this time, hmmmm?

Nah, we all left.

19 months? Not so long. Stick around.

I am not the original Chimera. I actually purchased this ID from another man. He was not the original Chimera. The original Chimera had been retired 5 years and living in Florida.

You see, the secret is the name and the join date. No one would take seriously any posts from someone who joined last month.

Sleep well. I’ll probably ban you tomorrow.

Very nice, thanks. :slight_smile:

Would have been funnier if it had been posted by a Moderator.

Hey! We’re not hired for our timing. :slight_smile:

You’re back! How’s your husband?

Welcome back! Weren’t you famous for something or other once?

She had an affair with a ladle.

I suppose I asked for that.

Beaten to it.

I thought I recognized the username. Yes, how is your husband? Still cheating on him with the guy down the street, and mocking him on the internet for being a clueless idiot?


Did you do anything 5 years ago that perhaps you’d prefer not to be reminded of? If you look back to the OP’s posts from 4 years ago, she worked on her marriage and made amends, and is now trying to stay sober. Why throw this in her face again?

If I were the OP, with such a checkered experience on these boards, I probably would not have announced my return so much as I would have tried to slip in unnoticed, but come on. Is she the only Doper who has made grave errors in a public way? I’ve read posts by well-regarded posters in which they admit previous infidelity and we haven’t tarred and feathered them. Do we forgive nothing for this particular poster??

See here and here for some recent threads in which Dopers admit to cheating and are not mocked and shunned.