people using my name?

The name I use on the SD board is aceospades. I just ran into someone using the name AceOSpades. I thought that SD was not case sensitive. I joined SD before he did, but he’s been a member for almost a year. Is it hard to change your user name? I know I would need a mod to do it, but do they frown down on this. I was thinking of using Ace, but when I looked it up on the search someone was already named ACE. Can you fill me in on the details please?

I saw that user too. Screen names ARE case insensitive: it’s a zero, not an “O”.

We don’t frown on username changes. Just send an e-mail to one of the administrators, and they’ll help you out. You can find Tuba’s e-mail in this forum. Other administrators are CKDxtrhavn, Lynn Bodoni, and Arnold Winkelried.

Your evil twin used a zero instead of the letter O.

Coldfire, shouldn’t you be visiting the fleshpots of Amsterdam at this time of night? :confused:

I think it’s Ace0Spades (#0), which would bypass the case sensitivitiy filter.

Jeez, I have to learn to type faster.

Dude, I’m not 16 anymore. After a week of work, I sometimes prefer to quietly wind down on a Friday night.

So the real question then is: what the hell am I doing on the Boards? :wink:

Hmmm. It’s not too late for a quick pint around the corner…

hmm, seems that some folks forgot about Gaudere getting a promotion to admin.

Perhaps she should look into the situations, eh Coldfire? or was the memo sent w/your mug? :smiley:

I said “other administrators”. Not “all administrators”. Smartass. :wink:

Why, Gaudere couldn’t change a username if it bit her in the… errrr… well, OK, maybe she could.

yea, but I’m your smartass…

Are you? Are you really? :smiley: