People wh couldn't count their balls and get the same number twice

I am talkin, of course, about contestents on “Wheel of Fortune”. What oxegen depleted section of the gene pool do these morons come from? Tonight a guy tried to buy an “O”, they told him there wasn’t one, and the next contestant said, " I’d like to buy an “O”". Did she think they went out and added one between the last guy and her? I’ve seen people guess “D” when the puzzle reads something like " The Fresh _rince of Bel Air." What the hell is a ‘Drince’??? What really gets me is when people obviously know the answer and just buy vowels for the hell of it. Why are they wasteing their money? The real topper is that here in Baltimore, it follows “Jeapordy”. Here is one show where the contestents are introduced, say, “John has a doctorate in biology and is currently revising Einstein’s theory of Relativity”, followed by one where it’s " Bob works at McDonalds and is fascinated by his belly button. He has vowed to get to the bottom of it one day, just to see what’s there". Anyone else notice the same thing?

Looks like you should have bought an ‘O’ as well, m’man.


I don’t have any money yet. I guess irony can be pretty ironic at times

Milo shoots…he scores!

(or should I say “scres”?)

oxegen or oxygen?


so did you not notice all the other errors? why did you point out this one? for some reason it bothers me when someone is correcting something, and only points out one error. that shows that they probably accept all the other ones, and their proofreading isn’t worth much.

Hi kemijo! Nice to have you here on the SDMB. Please allow me to introduce you to the concept of a “joke.” I’m sure the two of you will become great friends!

So who’s gonna start the “weirddave is disgraphic and can’t type” thread? :smiley:

The panel of judges gives Milo an overall 9.0 for technical merit and interpretation!!

We give Persephone an 8.0 since the flame was way too easy for someone of her infamous, advanced technical ability.

Weirddave, you get to man the Zamboni machine and sweep up the rink after everyone’s done. Note: it’s “Zamboni” not “Zambni”. :smiley:

One, two.
One. Nope.
One, two. Nope.
One, two, three. Nope.
One. Nope.
One, two. Nope.

Hey, can I buy a vowel?

What the hell kind of man is watching “Wheel of Fortune” and not “SportsCenter” at 7:30 anyway?

Um, I thought the show with balls was the Lotto and the game with the big colorful wheel with dollar values on it was Wheel of Fortune. But, I could be wrong…I’m usually watching Sportscenter then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dave, I’m a little concerned about your not only watching WoF, but getting so emotionally wrapped up in it. Seek professional help.

WoF contestants are obviously drawn from the same pool as the people surveyed by “Family Feud.” You can ask them the most mundane questions, like “Name something you put on spaghetti,” and there’s always two clowns for whom the first thing that springs to their mind isn’t tomato sauce or meatballs or even parmesan cheese, but “Ketchup”???

The worst recently was “Name something an astronaut needs for a space mission.” Um, space suit? Of course, two out of 100 surveyed thought “courage” before that.

Just to piledrive an outdated cultural reference into the ground even further: Who aaaaare these people?

The same type of “man” who would prefer the Ravens over the Redskins.

Weirddave, I have to agree with you. I actually enjoy watching WoF. It is America’s game. (Ummm, what does that say?, kidding)

I actually like it because the people are so stupid and it is funny to watch them. It is almost as good as some of the morons on Millionaire (not all are morons, but the chic who didn’t know North? come on)

It seems peoples brains go to mush amidst the bright lights and the pressure. I’ve always wondered if it was a pre-requisite before going on one of these game shows. Surely they can’t all be as thick as they appear to be. (Hopefully)

Consider this: Vanna White once had the most meaningless job on the planet – and it got even less meaningful. Now the letters are computerized, and she doesn’t even have to turn them.

Her job makes the guy who tosses the silica packet into the box with the VCR value his important role in society.

Yeah, but those contestants are the reason that silica gel packet says DO NOT EAT.....

…too bad they’re illiterate…

we need more chlorine in the gene pool

Lets see, someone who is:

  1. Intellegent
  2. Witty
  3. A man of good taste
  4. A football fan from the greatest football town in America
    Need I go on?