People wh couldn't count their balls and get the same number twice

Dave must be smokin that ganja again.
He is, of course, speaking of Eagle fans.

And we also have big “cheesesteaks!”

You’re both crazy. And Dave, point #3 is negated by you liking the Ravens. CLEARLY that’s not in good taste. grins

And Chief??? An EAGLES fan??? I’m heartbroken.

weirddave please tell me you don’t hope on the Ravens winning any games with Tony Banks as QB do you? Is he still QB out there? He sucked in St.Louis and replacing him with Trent Green one one of the best things the Rams ever did. That and keeping Kurt Warner as the backup for Green. I’m looking forward to the new season and going for another Superbowl win. If only baseball season would hurry up and end.
Now responding to the OP - I didn’t think anyone watched WoF anymore. I had to stop watching when the clue spelled out G-O-N-_ W-I-T-H T-H-_ W-I-N-_ and the dork wanted to buy a vowel.

Oh, sure, Falc, I would have to have the good taste to root for a team with a raciest, derogitory stereotype for a name.

I think it was Chris Rock who said rooting for the Washington Redskins was the same as rooting for a team called the New York Niggers. (I’m quoting a black comedian please don’t jump me for useing the n-word)

I hate you all.

We’ll see who’s laughing at the end of the season…

Methinks there would be enough ‘o’ s to go round if they were used in the prper places


The real topper is that here in Baltimore,it follows “Jeapordy”.

So it’s a shortage of A’s we relly hve.

Dn’t we?

Give me a cnsnnt pls :slight_smile:

DAVE! I didn’t know you were from Kansas City too! Small world.

The raciest nickname isn’t the Redskins, it’s the San Francisco '69ers…

…and here I thought it was the Detroit Red Wings.

Falcon said:

“The same type of “man” who would prefer the Ravens over the Redskins.”

So that would be someone who wants to watch his team get slaughtered week in and week out? Or am I thinking of the Browns?

The Redskins are a better team. The Ravens are Art Modell screwing the Cleveland citizens out of a team and moving it to a place that already had a football team (the skins) and a hockey team (capitals) and a basketball teal( wizzers) and a baseball team (orioles).

Falcon, perhaps you prefer the ravens because you know your man won’t be watching any football come late December and January :slight_smile:

Falcon, did anyone ever tell you about the lawsuit the ravens got over their team logo, which was stolen from a janitor or equipment manager or something? the guy won, too . . .

Humor the innocent one…

Why is “Red Wings” racy? Am I going to be sorry I asked?

Depends on how you feel about such matters, tiggeril.

“Red wings” is what a person earns after they have, um, well, orally pleasured a female while she is, um, uh, having Aunt Mary for a visit.

Get it now? :wink:


Wow, I haven’t seen that many stupid things strung together in one post in a long, long time.

First, you got the Browns thing right, but it went downhill from there. Falcon is as big a Redskins fan as I’ve ever met( other than that, she’s really cool ), and can talk football intellegently better than most guys I know.

Second, Art moving the Browns here is the best thing that ever happened to the Cleveland football fan. If you had offered us the same deal in 1984, Irsay wouldn’t have had to sneak out of town, we’d have paid for the move.

Third, Baltimore DID have a team, but it was called the Stallions, and was football of the CFL variety.

Fourth, the Crapitals ( who finally adopted a choking Eagle as mascott, what could be more apropriate) and the Imperial Wizzards are both teams that play in WASHINGTON, DC. I realize that the standards of geography in this country are woefully low, but look at a map, for Christ’s sake!

Fifth, the Orioles DO play in Baltimore, and I for one can’t wait until NOVA gets a National League Baseball team for all those damn Washingtonians to coddle.


( love your firzbees, BTW ) Yeah, right. I’m sure that when Barry Levinson wanted to make a move with a pivitol scene showing how much a town loves it’s team, KC was his first choice, but details couldn’t be worked out so he had to settle for B-more and the Colts in Diner. I believe that entirely.

You guys are all sorely mistaken.
The Ravens? The Redskins? The Eagles? What crack are you smoking?
Everybody knows the greatest team ever is 2 Time World Champion Denver BRONCOS!!!
And no, that’s not IMHO. That’s a FACT Jack!


I’m sorry I asked…oh, am I ever sorry I asked…

:::pats tiggeril’s hand:::

That’s okay, dear. We all have to learn these things sometime.

Now, if someone could point me to a definition of “squicking,” I’d appreciate it. Okay, I probably won’t actually appreciate it, but at least I wouldn’t be scratching my head every time I see a reference to someone doing this thing to a gerbil.

Well, to put it gently, squicking is chiseling a hole in someone’s head and screwing them between the hemispheres of their brain. You DID ask.
Pepper, you mean the 4 time Super Bowl losing Broncos? Those Broncos?

How appropriate WD… The definition of squicking and a discourse on Denver’s superbowl performances all in one post. The only thing you left out was a comment on the current state my poor Cowboys. We’re not even good enough to adequately represent all that’s wrong with Pro football these days. Too many WoF rejects in upper management I suppose…