people who are adicted to four letter words

Why do so many have to use a four letter word to express themselves?

It’s like an epidemic ,and I think it starts with what the kids hear in movies and read etc. when they are very young. Like eating a certain food when you’re that age so you grow up to like it and think of it as part of your life in general. If that same person tried to eat that food later on in life he/she might very well have a negative response to it. Some grow up thinking that’s just part of everyday talk because their parents speak that kind of classless jabber all day.

once in awhile I say a f**k -type word, but I’m not going to make it a part of my regular vocabulary every day.

It’s especially poisonous when any form of media says those words in every fouth sentence that’s spoken.

The producers seem to think that belching out foul words all the time is going to sell more tickets. It’s as though they are taking advantage of our society’s slovenly tastes. I like to say they insult us, but too many seem to think the flavor of slop tastes good.

I’m at war against society , and have been for many years. Beleive me; it is at war with me too.

Now you don’t take yourself too seriously at all, do you?

(last one with clenched fists, jumping up and down)

In the beginning was deeward, and deeward was hump.

Speaking for myself only, I don’t have to use four letter words to express myself.

I do it because I want to! :stuck_out_tongue:

Four lttr word post very no-no good! Hate folk what only uses four lttr word post when talk or rite!

Folk what will post like that very much JERKS! :mad:


Hey, look everyone, it’s Ned Flanders!

That post very good post Fnrs. Tnsu like alot. Also nice post from SPFE - good bloke, that SPFE.

Tnsu make sure that fuck = daly vocb word. Tnsu know this word fuck only sinc aged nine. Know sald crem sinc bfor then aged four, hate icky sour sald crem tody. Bleh. Still like word fuck tody. Also word cunt, which nice thng also. Warm, silk feel cunt, mmmm. Dwrd idea wrng, then. haha.

Why do I feel like I need to take a shower?

“Class” should be a four-letter word.

you not ken joy dat tri ltr wrd hav. all dem ppl wit jnz for xtr chr.

– w.a.d.





I think the problem came in when people decided to give certain words power over other words. It’s absurd that ‘fuck’ be considered completely bad, but ‘anus’ can be used on TV.

Just who decided that ‘those seven words’ (thank you George Carlin) were really bad as compared to the thousands of others in the English language?

Words in and of themselves have no value good or bad, they are given a symbolic meaning by the person(s) who hear(s) them. Sometimes symbols are used to represent those words.

So we see things in newspapers like ‘Fk’ and the meaning still comes across, but those two letters that complete the word are absent. If the word is objectionable because of what it means, then how is replacing two letters with asterisks any better? The meaning was still conveyed, the objectionable message was still there. If I type ‘Fuck you’ or 'Fk you’ to someone, I’m telling them exactly the same thing. But one is better than the other? Seems silly.

Perhaps it’s time to start removing the ‘power’ of certain words.

What else must they burp?


Thank you.


You left one out


Which one?


I’m actually gonna attempt to answer this seriously. . .

For me, “4-letter” words provide a form of stress relief. Also, I didn’t start using them until 7th grade, when I started hanging around with my still-friend-for-life, Mike. He’s since stopped using them, but I haven’t.

Yeah, I’m one of those people who can sound like Jay.

However, I have learned where and when swearing is absolutely not appropriate. For instance, it is not appropriate when talking to teachers. It is also not appropriate when at a family gathering. It is, in general, not appropriate outside of conversation with friends, though it is acceptable when one is under extreme duress.

I don’t see anything wrong with swearing, but I do recognize that others don’t like it. To be honest, I don’t understand it. Curses like “God!” and “Jesus!” and “Christ” seem worse to me, yet those are considered to be marginally more acceptable than, for example, “fuck!”

I do deplore those who speak to their children that way. Way to raise a kid who knows what’s socially acceptable.