people who are adicted to four letter words

Does anyone know what the fuck this guy is talking about?

To be honest, once you start using the words “fuck” and “cunt” (and milder so-called expletives) in everyday language with their proper meanings as opposed to as insults you’ll find that the whole power, inappropriateness and context usually applied to them just drops away. Before you know it you have to make yourself not use them when you do actually want to refer to the sexual act or a woman’s genitalia in company that would not appreciate the use of the words.

This is because there is nothing inherently bad about fucking or a cunt. Quite the reverse in fact. Use them with their correct meaning and they are no different to the words “sex” and “muff”.

There are other words that are simply unpleasant however, because the meaning they convey is unpleasant. These are the truly inappropriate words. And they rarely have just four letters.


Oh, c’mon people; we all know that the only reason to not swear around children is because it’s so danged funny when they hear it accidentally and start saying it themselves before they know what it means.

(This thread reminds me of the Friends episode that was on last night, where they were trying to take all Chandler’s swear words off of Ms. Pacman, and Ben walked in just when Phoebe was swearing a blue streak because she just lost the game. Hee.)

Fuck, growing up I had to eat so much fuck, and then hours later, shit out that cunting fuck. At first I fucking hated it, but I damn well adapted, cuntwise. How did you know?

You complete me.

If he doesn’t like four-letter words, he should learn Québécois French, where none of the best cuss words are four letters, and they’re all based on religion.

Hostie de saint-sacrement de criss de câlice de tabarnac! “Communion wafer of the holy sacrament of Christ of a chalice of a tabernacle” - who could object to that?


“What’s the big deal? It doesn’t hurt anyone. Fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck.” - Cartman, South Park

“Fuddle duddle.” - The Right Honourable Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, House of Commons, 16 February 1971 (only Canadians will get this)

…ntal fuckphobic illiterate.

Really Billy, there was no need for that;)


As a little kid, my cousin had such an unusual aversion to swear words that we used to offer her money just to say ‘hell’ or ‘damn’. Unlike most little kids who repeat everything they hear at least once, she would pick words (not always swear words) that were ‘bad’ and refuse to say them.

For months she wouldn’t say ‘pickle’ because she thought it was a vile, evil word. She liked to eat ‘dill cucumber’.

It certainly is a great plague. I was a filthy potty-mouth for years, but one day I heard a voice… a special voice… and He spoke to me. And I have never been the same since. And the Voice said

And I have not said cunt cock fuck shit jism wank or cunty-butt-fuck ever since!

Well, I…um…sorry, this is hard for me. for me it started at a party in Junior High. I was looking for my friend and I came across a room where a bunch of guys were sitting around saying “Damn.” I tried it and didn’t really get much out of it.

A couple years later I dated this girl who said Damn on the weekends. Every now and then I’d say it with her, and I eventually got to liking it. I figured it was no big deal, I didn’t NEED it, I was just doing it to relax. But I started saying it more often, and sometimes I’d say it on weeknights.

When we broke up it only got worse. I started saying “shit” and “crap”. When I got to college I’d sometimes miss class because I was too busy cussing. But I still thought it wasn’t a problem.

Some friends of mine even tried to talk to me about it. There were times I’d been on the phone with them and they knew I’d been cussing. I remember one time I went home for the weekend and walked around my PARENTS cussing under my breath. Luckily they didn’t hear me.

It was in college that I finally tried “fuck”. I had always told myself that I’d draw the line there, that if I ever said that one, I’d quit them all. But it felt so good. And at first, it didn’t seem like a big deal. And hell, by that time, EVERYONE was saying “damn”, even on TV, so I figured it was becoming more acceptible.

I was out of college and working when it all came crashing down. I’d disappear from the office at odd times so I could go home and say “fuck” a few times. Sometimes I even said it at work, with the door closed. My boss nearly caught me, but I lied and told him I’d said “flip”. That was close. I thought I was doing fine.

And then…one rainy night, I was driving home. I had had a rough day at the office and I was actually cursing in the car. If you’d rolled down my window you would have gotten an earful of various expletives. The police said that as they dragged me out of the wreckage, I was still cursing up a storm.

I went into a program after that, to dry myself out. Cold turkey. You couldn’t even say “hell” without raising a ruckus. I learned how to properly express myself. I realized that there was no such thing as a “good” curse word. I realized the lies the media was selling people, that it was okay to say things like “damn” and “crap”.

I’m a lot better now. I find myself WANTING to say “fuck” and “shit” all the time, but so far I’ve been able to avoid it. Every day’s a struggle, though.

Classic! Legomancer, you are a Champ!

I see that you’re cursing…Mind if I join in…



Remember - they are called curse words because they bring a curse upon us.

Beware… the plague!

I don’t think your boobs are going to crap, quar. It’s your arse that craps. It’s right there, behind you. No, don’t turn round… just feel behind you with one hand … perhaps using the other hand would help, too. Ah, you farted. That happens sometimes. Hell damn fart, indeed.


It is. It’s just that you use one of them twice. :slight_smile:

Now what’s the fun of getting a 790 Verbal score on the SAT if you can’t use the FULL extent of your vocabulary?

You vile monster, how DARE you use such horrific language?!? You should be banned!!!

Hey sailor, help me land this large friendly fish before that lovely squall hits and our blessed boat comes in proximity to those beautiful rocks there, would you?

Oh yes matey. Then let’s go wash something and frolic.

Polycarp, thanks for paying attention.

Deeward, are you still with us? First you come in with your “All Hail Humperdinck” thread. That’s all fine aND DANDY. I think he’s underrated too, but now I’m just getting this holier-than-thou kinda vibe off you. Is it your responsibility to keep America’s mouths clean? I’ll have you know that shit and fuck have been around a lot longer than you or I. How else can we explain all the problems in the world and half the global population, respectively?

See, this is exactly what I’m talking about! This is The Pit, the place where He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is known to all of us as “Stinky.”

There was a time when we used to eat monkey’s brains on the half-skull around here.

Now we allow someone who worships the Butthole Surfers’ dog to chide us for the use of some of our most cherished juvenile playthings.

For shame. Today’s Pit couldn’t cook a Popsicle.