People who are going to hell

  1. People who pick their cell phone rings on a mode of public transportation. Yes, bitch on the 78 Montrose bus this evening, I am talking to you. Was it really, really, REALLY necessary to run through all of your cell phone rings on the fucking bus? Even assuming some kind of cell phone ring tone emergency, did you have to have the volume turned up so goddamn loud?

  2. People who listen to music so loud that I can hear every word through your headphones from the other end of the train car. TURN THE FUCKING MUSIC DOWN. How can you possibly function in normal society with your ears bleeding like that anyway?

Alternatively, people with such shitty headphones that I can hear their crappy music from the other end of the train car. Fuckers, invest in some good headphones. Otherwise, I don’t even get the point.

In re: 1. I was out to dinner with a friend the other night and she took a call right at the table. No “excuse me” or anything. I was shocked. I also have a friend whose phone is constantly on vibrate, so you won’t hear it ring, and he’ll be in the middle of a face-to-face conversation with you and then just pick up his phone, turn his back to you, and start talking. That’s fucking irritating.

In re: 2. I hate when people wear headphones around their neck with the music going. What’s the point? Besides getting on my nerves, I mean.

  1. hypocrites

  2. People who are standing behind you in line who rush over when the clerk says “I can take someone over here.”

-Somebody has to say it: Those who insist on talking to each other in the movie Theatres. (They go to the Special place in hell…)

-Jay Leno

One thing I’ll give King Soopers: when they open a new register, the cashier walks over and takes the cart of the first person in line to the newly open register. After that, it’s a mad rush, but still.

AwSnappity, these people are your friends? Are you sure?

Or worse still, those carrying a conversation on their mobile during a movie.

People who are God damn stupid, then claim victim status. Like that fuck who put the cruise control on his RV and then left the drivers seat because he thought it was like auto pilot. Then he sued after he had an accident!

Anyone who thinks it’s their duty to save your soul!

People who are complete pieces of shit, then think that going to church twice a year is going to save their sorry ass! (my father-in law is guilty of this!)

Speed limit:65. Your going:48. Burn, BURN, BURN!!!:mad:

People who give me attitude that the nurse isn’t there when they show up for their appointment 20 minutes early.

Sometimes I’m not so sure.

P.S. Quit following me around! First the KayKay business, now this… If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you had a crush on me, you little stalker, you! :wink:

Any customer who goes to a deli, resteraunt, or any place that cooks, cuts, or deals with food at closing time. Do you people realize just how big of a pain in the ass you are? Anything you order is going to mess up something we just cleaned. Burn assholes.

People that are either of the following and have authority: irrational and/or illogical, perfectionists , extremely paranoid, arrogant. Please, go fuck your selves with Satan’s pitchfork.

You stupid fucking bastards that strut into a Barnes and Nobles, plop down in one of their big comfy chairs, and whip out your goddamn cell phone. I swear, these people simply want other people to watch them talk. The demons will fatten you up, but only so you stay put when they kick the shit out of you rather than flying off in some direction.

People who talk in movie theaters. You know you have it coming.

I used to have a cow-orker who openly bragged to us about cheating on his wife with two other women, but somehow thought that going to church for 6 hours on sunday made up for it.

What really boggles my mind is how he managed to get 2 other women who would want to hitch up with his alkaline battery and ciggarette smelling fat ass.

Anyone who drives below 45 MPH on Airway blvd…there is no reason for your stupid ass to go 10 mph below the speed limit there, then speed up to 10mph over the speed limit when traffic turns right onto Isabel so that no one can pass you before the road goes back to one lane, where you can again start going 10mph below the speed limit for no reason whatsoever. Anyone who lives in the east bay and is guilty of this has a specially reserved placve in hell. Also included is anyone who stops at the right turn on green arrow in the right turn lane there.

Guys who buy motorcycles and then have those specially installed pipes to make them much, much louder. Down. Down. All the way down.

People who are walking near you in public, nd you don’t really notice them til they spot someone way across the street they know and yell HEY!to them and give you a heart attack.

Jackasses who have laid out more money for their car speakers than they spent on the actual car, and who then drive merrily about town with the BOOM BOOM BOOMing rattling windows, traumitizing small children, and causing birds and squirrels to fall from the trees stone dead… Fuckers. If there’s any justice in this world you’ll spend eternity listening to Satan’s imps play nose-flutes and bagpipes while alternately bashing you in the head with bricks.

I can beat that. I met a fellow at a cocktail party, and we went to have some coffee. Just as we sat down, he pulled out his cell phone and proceeded to call another friend to ask if they could get together later on.

That’s right – he was trying to make a subsequent engagement right in front of my face.

matt please tell me you ordered coffee then “accidentally” caused it to go flying across the table and land in this asshole’s lap. He needed to have that done to him.

As far as having someone answer his or her cellphone at the table in a restaurant, I have been known to get up and move to another table. Should the cellphone wanker ask me why I did it, I’ll say it’s because I was obviously taking up his or her precious time by expecting to be the person he or she focused attention on just because we were out to dinner together. I moved so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable taking calls in front of me. Ain’t I polite?

People that relate urban legends as fact when they really should know better. :wink:

Swampbear, that is classic!! Next time some jerk does that to me, I’m going to do the exact same thing. If nothing else, the look on their face should be precious! :smiley:

Thank you!!

PS - Just out of curiosity, what has been the response by people when you do that?

I’m not sorry you beat me to it; you did it so much better than I could have! :smiley:

If you don’t want to still be serving, then there is a great way to inform the customer of this fact. It’s called “locking the damn door and putting up the closed sign”. How dare a customer come into an open deli and tries to buy food?