Pet hates.

People standing too close behind me in queues.

It’s worse when I edge away from them and they move right back into that horrible discomfort-zone.

I had one yesterday but I can’t remember it… shame the edit window is only 5 minutes.

I thought for sure this thread was going to be about things your dogs hates.

People that edge away from me when I try to get close to them.

I don’t believe in dog.

I hate:

People who walk out of a room, take 2 steps, then stop to chat. Um… how can they NOT notice that they are still blocking the door, thereby preventing anyone from going in or out of the room? Same issue with people who stop walking the moment they hit the landing at the top or bottom of stairs. Get out of my way, you fucking moron! Can’t you see there are people trying to get by?

People who don’t understand how to use an escalator. If you’re gonna stand still and let it carry you up or down, then move over. Standing still on the right, so people who choose to walk can get by on the left. It’s efficient and makes everyone happy. Don’t look behind you in confusion and curse when a bunch of people trying to walk down start asking you to get by. You are in the wrong place. Move.

People with loud cellphone ringers. I don’t even care what it sounds like, but I do care that I’m 100 yards away from you and it still sounds like my eardrums are about to pop! Why the hell do you need a phone that’s in your pants pocket to ring so freaking loudly? Turn down the volume, or better yet, turn on the vibrate function, and that way you’ll still get your call, and I won’t go deaf because of you. Ok? Oh, and turn the fucking sound off when you’re in class. Why the fuck does anyone need to call you at 8:45 on a Monday morning anyways?!?!

I’m so sure there are more, but this ought to do for now!

Dogs, I hate dogs, all sorts, any shape and size.

People who say “What was I going to say?”…how the fuck do I know?

People who say “Can you borrow me a fiver?” …when they mean can I loan them a fiver.

Other stuff along the same lines, I’m old and * very* grumpy…some of the time.

Now get of my bleeding lawn

I don’t blanket hate dogs… but I do dislike owners being oblivious to the fact that when they leave their house their dog is still there, and still has the ability to bark, and there’s nobody to tell the litttle annoying shit to shut up.

Worse are the ones with dog-flaps so the dog can come outside and be a shit.

Slow drivers in the fast lane who refuse to move over.

People who spell “prescription” as “perscription”, and don’t seem to know that “perscription” is not the correct spelling (when they spell it that way multiple times per post).

Loud people in general.

The fact that my animals have such short life spans compared to mine.

Yeah, the mispelling thing bugs the crap outta me, for several words.

What bugs me is when at work someone calls me to fix their system but when I get there and start working they stand behind me and start telling me what I need to do to fix it. Hey genius, if you knew how to fix it why did you fucking call me? It took me longer to get there than it will to fix.

It’s bugging me that I STILL can’t remember yesterday’s pet hate… the one which almost made me start this thread (I started it today because I figured I’d have at least two).

I remember it being more entertaining than people standing too close in queues.

Anyway… in the mean time here’s a more typical one…
Shop til workers who feel the need to discuss your shopping, and the shopping of everyone in front of you, publicly, one item at a time. I realize that your job might be shit, but it’s your job which probably has a job description that doesn’t include wasting the customer’s time and putting them on the spot, and talking to them as if you are best palls. I am there to SHOP, not make small talk. I don’t know you. I don’t want to know you. I don’t like being here. Please don’t cause me to be here any longer than I have to be.

That and my parents… lousy beatnics.

[sub]Ok I just threw that in there for the sake of referencing the Simpsons. My parents are ok[/sub]

The perversion of the great American work and market ethics by cynical shit-slinging social-Darwinist ultraconservative fucknuts.

The critical shortage of interesting people, and the domination of interesting pastimes, passions, and hobbies by particularly uninteresting people.

Zits past forty. (Perhaps the Almighty’s commentary on my state of emotional development.)


I love dogs…I just pretty much can’t stand mine.

I found this phrase to be very telling in some way I can’t readily describe. I like the way you put that, but what interesting pastimes are you referring to, in your mind, that are dominated by uninteresting people?

I was about to say, Ned Flanders, is that you?

I hate when people put periods at the end of titles… :wink:

I hate the word goodies. I hate being addressed by my first name in stores, by call center folks, etc. I also hate that my call center would like me to ask to address people as such. I will not be doing that, thank you.

I hate it when people cannot understand very simple things or refuse to listen to reason, and it isn’t due to a language barrier, either.

For example, I had a guy come to my carwash with an open-bed pickup truck today. We will happily wash your truck, but you have to clean out the bed prior to going through. We have signage that states this.

This is so there isn’t a risk of our cloth dredging up abrasive (and potentially damaging to vehicle finishes) junk from the bed of your truck, as well as keeping our drying bay free of the debris from YOUR truck (our overhead blowers are very powerful and will easily launch empty coolers, lawn chairs, etc into the air) that we will have to clean up later.

So this guy is in his work truck, and when I look into his bed, the bottom of it is littered with staples, screws, nails, bits of tiling, some mulch, plus a couple ladders, a chainsaw, trash, etc.

I say “Sir, I am sorry, but I cannot send your truck through until you clean out your bed.”

He replies “Oh no, it’s fine, I’ve taken it through other carwashes and nothing has ever happened.”

I then proceed to tell him (as I have countless times before) why he cannot, pointing out the hanging strips of cloth that would drag through his bed, etc. Threat of damage to his and other’s vehicles or our equipment…

He then jabs my chest with his finger and yells “Fuck you, asshole” in front of a big line of customers and peals out, nearly running over my feet, and I was left merely shaking my head in disgust.

This type of behavior and fraudulent damage claims are the bane of my industry. I hate them so.

I hate it when people try to engage me in a conversation when it’s obvious I’m trying to read a book. What, is it, “Oh, she has nothing better to do than read? Oh, I’ll go and talk to her!”

People who bitch about how busy the science center is, and whine that the lines are long, etc. At least, the ones who bitch to me about it. Dude-blame your fellow visitors who decided to come to the science center today-just like you!

(We had one woman complain that the line for the one ride at sportsworks was too long, and you only got about ten minutes on said ride. She told us we should make the ride longer. Um, yeah, that makes sense-then you’d be whining because you had to wait TWICE AS LONG, dumbass!)

Well, I can only speak about the one’s I’m involved in myself — such as jazz fandom, which has more than its share of pretentious low-grade intellectuals and emotionally stunted shut-ins — or the various material cultures of collecting, where acquiring and appreciating rare things more often seems to narrow a person’s world, rather than broadening it.

Ah. I found myself thinking of cynical, unproductive, brain-zapped videogamers, who would likely otherwise probably be intelligent, well-adjusted people.

I really fucking hate the word “signage”. I also hate the word “corkage”.

TV News.

It’s just sanctioned, funded, glorified, gossip.

Sure tell me when something I should know about happens… but why do I need to know that some politician hundreds of miles away has two Jaguars? To me that’s PURE gossip.
edit: I guess what I’m really pitting here is the tendency of news media to fill airtime with items that NOBODY COULD POSSIBLY NEED TO KNOW and that in no way benefit them in the knowing.