What's your pet peeve(s)?

My top two are wet socks and dumbass drivers who cut me off with/without signaling.

I always wanted a pet peef. Now I have two of them.

I caught my peeves wild in the hills near here. They became tame surprisingly quickly, and have taken a liking to sitting on the sofa pillows when I let them out of their cage. I named them Colibri and Marley after my favorite SDMB moderators. I feed them Cheerios.

Hard to say which of my peeves are my favorite, I do like them as pets though, never puke on the carpet, never roll in dead things, rarely try to kill me … but if I have to pick just one that would be Mamosa, she’s been with me the longest.

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Great, now I’m repeating “Mamosa…mamosapeeves…Pet Mamosa… pet my mosa? Naahh…”
Was there a pun there? Or do you really have a cat or dog or hedgehog named Mamosa? I need a mimosa…

But on the bright side, I’ll be chuckling about “peef” all day…

Mine is people that cut me off while signalling.

I have several friends who hate that. My pet peeve is their constant sturm-und-dramm about it, instead of just shut up and drive to the mall.

Strangers who address me as “sweetheart” or some other term of endearment.

People who sing on the subway (I don’t mean performers, I mean people sitting next to me who are usually mentally ill), waiting rooms, or other places where other people have to endure them.

Getting upset about driving, who cares. Tardiness. That’s about it.

People eating crunchy food. My wife and kids say they can hear me crunching too, but for some reason it’s not nearly as annoying when I do it.

Do they have high cholesterol?

Do they prefer particular colors?

My pet peeve is being called “Mister Firstname”. In Mamaplant’s family, it was a familiarity permitted to children to address their elders and still be respectful.

When I find something that people do that isn’t a peeve, I’ll let you know.

When the person before you in the shower shuts the water off, but doesn’t also turn the shower valve back so that the water flows out of the lower spigot; then, when you go to take a shower, you get a blast of water from the shower head onto the back of your head. That and fascism, but mostly the shower thing.

My pet peef Mamamamamosa … Mamosa … Mamasa doesn’t care … peef peef peef.

Mamosa is just one of those words that are always funny, like fart or boobs. It’s a genus of flowering tree sometimes and in some species called a “sensitive plant”. Call it a weed and they’re drip sap on your car. Shake a chainsaw at them and they’ll cry. The leaves are rather large but the leaflets are small, hummingbirds and honey bees collect at the flowers for hugs and happiness.

I hate it when drivers don’t signal in advance. It doesn’t help much when they turn the signal on mid-turn. For instance, a four-lane intersection and one driver signals left but the other does not. The driver with the signal on has to wait to see what the clueless driver without signal is going to do. Meanwhile, the clueless driver is waiting for the signalling driver to make their turn although the signalling driver won’t do so until they’re reasonably sure that the facing driver is indeed clueless and not going to drive straight.

I think that’s mimosa.

I discovered a “sensitive” variety in Hawaii that grows as a tiny-ish ground cover plant, growing among the grass, that you have to get down on your hands and knees and look close just to notice it’s there. But it was all over the place. And it was sensitive – if you touched the leaves, they snapped shut.

A female-ish co-worker did that to me once, some years ago. (She called me “love”.) Yes, that’s a peef that I have. I told her that anyone who called me that has to take me out to lunch.

So she immediately invited me out to lunch. She took me to a rather nice restaurant, too. No, that wasn’t the start of a relationship and I didn’t get laid. In another circumstance, that would have been another peef.

People who try to beat lights when an emergency vehicle is coming. I’ve seen a firetruck forced to slow down because a driver who had a green light insisted on rushing through the light, even though the truck was coming with lights and siren going. I hope it was HIS house on fire!

Whistling in public. I don’t care how happy you are or how good you are at whistling a tune, it’s annoying beyond belief.