People who aren't vaccinated - what should they be called?

And yet, on April 13, we peaked at almost 3.4 million per day. It’s nearly unimaginable to me that we’re down over one million per day from that high.

Unclean! Unclean!

Again, I don’t like this because I don’t have options for the shot. I’m not hesitant and I am not a pariah.

This really sucks.

I think we’re talking about those who do have options for the shot. IMBMT.

Atlantic article. Reporter interviewed healthy youngish people who do not have any intention of getting vaccinated. Their reasons:

  1. I already had Covid so I don’t need to be vaccinated.
  2. I never masked/isolated/distanced anyway so there is no up side for me, my life won’t change.
  3. My immune system will protect me.
  4. I’m young and healthy, so in a class that doesn’t have much risk anyway.

These people are not against vaccination per se, so not true anti-vaxxers. The common denominator in these answers is “I don’t see any personal payoff, so why bother?”

They are just utterly self-centered morons. I wish evil upon them.

Doesn’t apply to you.

Yes. The OP is about those that can get the vaccination but are not getting it - the “hesitant”. This is not about those that are going to get it when it is available to them.

I suspect that their opinion would change if a downside were presented to them. e.g. if they are denied entry to countries, business or means of transport because of their vaccine status.

Or heck, if they got something to tip the scales in their favor. A “free” day off work to recover from the vax, plus a free beer or something.

I’ve been delaying my shingles shot for a couple of years, because I am at low risk for getting shingles and I am unenthusiastic about the side effects. In the case of shingles, I’m not especially endangering anyone else. But I completely get why a healthy young person might not be gung ho about the covid vax. If it’s good for me, an older person, that they are vaxxed, maybe I should step up and provide some payoff for those people. Since that’s hard to do on an individual scale, maybe a tax/regulation thing would work (those paid days off) or maybe some charities can take donations from people like me to give freebies for young people who get vaxxed.

I know a guy who had to travel to a country that required certain immunizations, one of which he had an allergy to. He explored workarounds but none existed. His doctor arranged hospitalization with an IV catheter in place and a team prepared to treat him. He got his vaccine in as safe a setting as possible.

How about Bug Chasers 2: Idiotic Boogaloo

Probably more like sporting events and arena concerts … but the handwringing, How oh how can we get these people to act more responsibly without triggering their homicidal rage? is already quite obvious.

For people that refuse I’m partial to, “plague rats.” Or maybe, “freeloading degenerates.”

For people who can’t afford it or can’t make logistics work, maybe, “the left behind.”

I am hoping to encourage Dopes to use ambiguous initialisms less. What does IMBMT mean?

Unvaccinated will do for me. I don’t think we really need more name calling.

Notice that the Vaccination Status Poll here contains (at the present time) precisely one poster in the “Can’t / Won’t” group. I am virtually certain that doesn’t reflect an accurate count – I think it means the echo chamber is working and the posters who truly fall into that category are being hushed.

Many of you will find that to be a good thing but I find it very disturbing; silencing other viewpoints is not my idea of fighting ignorance.

I’m Bat Man Too.

“Today, we’re ALL Batman.”
“Aujourd’hui nous sommes tous le Batman”

“Hi, I’m Batman. I’m here to talk to you today about the rabies vaccine…”

Sure, and I should get that damn shingles shot too. But this is no else’s business but our own. Covid is everyone’s business.

Yes. But all the old people can get vaccinated, right?

I realize that vaccines are imperfect. But people don’t naturally think in terms of probabilities. (I’m an actuary. I am KEENLY aware of this.) It’s a hard sell to say, “the vaccine is great, you should get it in case it didn’t work for your grandma.”