People Who Capitalize Every Word In Forum Posts

There Is This Middle-Aged Woman On Another Forum I’m A Member Of, Who, For Some Stupid Reason, Insists On Capitalizing Every Word In Her Posts. She Gets Angry And Defensive When Asked Why She Does This And/Or Is Asked To Stop. Then She Keeps Doing It.

Why??? It’s So Much Work To Capitalize Every Word.

I Am Tired Just From Typing This Short Post That Way…

WTF Do People Do This?

I know that some forum software takes all-caps posts and converts them into initial caps, so it’s possible that she’s got the caps lock on all the time and doesn’t understand why her posts are showing up like they do. Of course, that raises the question of why she’s typing in all caps in the first place, I suppose.

I’m Not Really Sure, But It’s Rather Annoying.

For The Record, WTF Is Generally Agreed To Mean “What The Fuck”, Not “Why The Fuck”.

Maybe there’s a hidden message. Have you tried reading just the capitalized letters and seeing if they spell “HELP ME” or something?

I second this. Many of our elderly customers send emails in allcaps.

Oh my, I think I know who you are talking about. :eek: The person who I am thinking of claims she does it because she “Thinks It Makes Her Posts Interesting and Different.”

I am shocked her shift key hasn’t snapped and beaten her to death yet…

I just typed this with the caps lock on and look what happened.

But you can still SHOUT in the middle of a post.


Just not the very first letter, apparently.

Building Interest Too Excessively Makes Your Capitals Really Annoying, No Kidding.

[noparse]i wonder if noparse helps[/noparse]


Applying initial caps to the first word in the sentence makes sense, but doing it to every word is a pretty dumb feature.

I’ve mentioned this before, but on other message boards, I found that users from India type entirely in lowercase. They may capitalize a word here and there, but they’re not proper nouns or words at the beginning of a sentence.

“hello i am the sanjit will you Help me with my homework?”

I thought I was supposed to snort it? Smoke it maybe?

I have a bad habit and I have no idea why I do it, even though I know it’s grammatically incorrect - I find myself sometimes capitalizing a word in a sentence that seems important. For example:

“The Candidates will address each other at the Debate this week.”

Generally, I catch myself and edit accordingly, but still …

Doesn’t the German langauge do that somehow someway? I like to think I picked it up from the root and I’m not just a noodge.

if you eschew capitals
and punctuation it gives your
posts a gentle otherworldly
vibe. :slight_smile:

Sometimes you wonder what people think this does for their posts, to capitalize every first letter. If we could just understand…

On second thought, nah… :wink:

Have we run out of assholes on this board, that we have to start pitting people on other boards?

There’s A Quick Way Of Capitalizing The First Letters Of All The Words In A Paragraph If You Own Microsoft Word. Type Your Paragraph Into Word. Select It All, Go To Format->Change Case. Click On ‘Title Case’

No, I’m still here.

Yeah, all nouns are capitalized in German. I don’t actually remember if the rule is that simple, but I believe so.