people who drive to trick or treat

As Halloween draws near I am looking forward to taking my children trick or treating. What I am not looking forward to is all the lazy fucks who drive while their kids truck or treat. They sit in their cars, with the parking lights on and inch forward 50 feet so the kids can go to the next two houses…HOW FUCKING LAZY CAN PEOPLE BE!! GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES AND WALK WITH YOUR KIDS OR STAY FUCKING HOME!!!

OOPS make that trick or treat not truck or treat. They piss me off if they are driving trucks too.

That’s exactly what they’d rather be doing!

Jesus. I thought people were addicted to their cars before, but … Jesus.

My parents went with me trick or treating in the depths of Winnipeg winter. What excuse do these lowlives have? Excepting if they’re disabled, of course.

Well, if you aren’t trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood* and you have to drive to it… what are you supposed to do with your car? Two years ago I did park in some strange neighborhood and walk with the kidlet, but I felt really weird parking in front of a stranger’s house.

In your own neighborhood? Yeah. Walk. Unless you have problems walking, like if you have bad knees or are otherwise disabled.

*we went with friends, we weren’t just wandering the town for other neighborhoods.

Exactly. Also, not everyone lives in a thriving metropolis where you can just walk out of your front door and have dozens and dozens of neighbors within walking distance. In my neck of the woods, you have to go all over town for the kids to get a decent “haul”.

Driving kids such as you describe above is the norm in AK. Otherwise, what would you do? Walk little tiny kids the 5 miles (many heavily wooded) between every neighborhood?

And what are people doing trick or treating right now anyway? did I somehow miss the 31st?

OK, I just bought $30-worth of candy for the little bastards who bang on my door. Some of them are cute little kids. But some are like 18 years old. Do they need candy that much? Generally, if they look like gangstas, I tell them to fuck off. I guess that’s a trick rather than a treat.

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Weeeeeelll we live out in the boonies. Probably no more than 20 houses within a half-mile radius. So if we are to trick or treat, we must drive into town.

That being said, we’ve always parked the car and walked with the kids. No shortage of parking in the neighborhoods where we go.

I’ve got an odd feeling that this might be one of the last years for trick or treating in the d6 household. Older kid is 12, younger is 10 (going on 25). They haven’t shown much interest this year. What’ll it be like in '04?

For those people who have to travel to other neighborhoods, couldn’t you park the car and walk up one side of the street with the little ankle-biters, then down the other side, back to your car? Then you could just hop in and tool off to the next neighborhood (hopefully the one with the really good candy!).

That way you wouldn’t look like a big tool.


[sub]I’d avoid actually driving anywhere like the plauge on Halloween anyway, with all those little kiddies running all over the place![/sub]

I have a friend who is taking all his frineds home to trick-or-treat in our affluent neighborhood…that’s right, he’s at college. :eek I always felt guilty going trick-or-treating after middle school. Most of the time I would just dress up and go out with my friends, but I wouldn’t actually go up to the door. I always felt guilty asking for candy I didn’t need.

We buy shitty candy for the high-school kids–stuff no one likes.

Second on my list of things that bugs me about trick-or-treaters, besides the too-old kids, are kids who don’t say thank you. Kids who don’t smile or anything, just say “trickertreat” as perfunctorily and quickly as possible so they can get their candy and run to the next house. It seems as though they think they are entitled to it, and if you don’t produce the goods fast enough, they get antsy.

lezlers: I feel kinda weird parking in front of a stranger’s house… but I did it last year anyway.

Eh, it’s Halloween, I’m sure no one even notices the cars parked in front of their houses. It’s not like you’re pulling into their driveway, or blocking it. Of course, there’s always random cars parked on my street so I don’t even think about stuff like that.

Anyhoo, for all the people inside the house know, you could be heading to a Halloween party a few doors down, taking your kids around the neighborhood, or whatever. What are they gonna do? Get you towed? It’s a public street!

Live a little, y’all!


We drove.


Well hell, try giving them some of the candy from last Christmas. Especially the chocolates with the corners bitten off. Save all the shitty candy your kids wouldn’t eat last year. AND don’t forget Easter, candy eggs and marsmallow bunnies and shit. Keep it all in the freezer in big zip lock bags and every year at Halloween you’ll be set.

Put it on the front porch in a big ass bowl and refill it once in awhile. That is if it ever gets empty…you’d be surprised at what some kids’ll eat.

Sit and listen with the lights off…kids’ll be saying…man what’s this shit…fuckin’ Easter eggs…candy canes? Man let’s get the hell outta here.

After a couple of years of this word’ll get out and you won’t have to worry about it. :smiley:

Heh. That’s awesome t-keels. I was thinking about leaving a big ass bowl of candy outside my door this year, since I won’t be home. Then I thought about it and realized since some little punk’ll probably take the whole damn bowl within the first 10 minutes. Maybe if I buy a bunch of shit, they won’t take as much.

I’m thinking raisins.

Nature’s candy, dontchaknow.


Thoughtcha might like it **lez[/B :wink:
…yeah raisins sounds cool. esp. if you like 'em. I wasn’t figuring on buying jack…

But that’d work, no need to waste $$ BTW aren’t raisins kinda expensive. I never buy 'em so I don’t have a clue.

If you just want something nasty. The cheap peanut butter toffee in orange and black wrappers are pretty bad. Bags of bubble gum are fairly cheap but one kid’ll probably take all of it.
as for the OP… I got news for ya G-RAYy . How many kids do ya think are gonna let mom and dad walk with them :smiley:

Apparently…you haven’t had kids in awhile. and I’m not about to let them just go off either.
Damn, I’m glad mine lived through it, I don’t have to deal with that BS anymore. It was fun when they were really small but not so much later on.

I live out in the woods now, gotta love it. :slight_smile:

what is the age limit on trick or treating? my daughter is soon to be 13 and intends to t or t. i am HOPING this is her last year, but i suppose i will bow to peer pressure next year if her friends are going.

around here, there are a lot of “farm” kids. the parents drive them into town to do the yearly ritual, i don’t see anything wrong with it, but i guess as a parent, i would be walking up to the houses with them, just as a matter of safety, when my kid was little, i wanted to get a look at the doners and make a mental note of what was being handed out.

Whoa, queen of run on sentence there

Some communities set their official trick-or-treating hours on days other than the 31st, such as a weekend so working parents can take their kids around during daylight hours. Several towns around here had their trick-or-treating this past Sunday afternoon.

Even though people have covered my point already, I’ll reiterate: where I grew up, my nearest neighbor lived a mile away. And they were close by, relatively speaking. By the time Halloween rolled around, there was usually snow on the ground an inch thick and it’s below freezing. Nobody is going to trudge 30 miles round trip through the dark so their loin midgets can get a sugar buzz. Fire up the Chevy, that’s all I gotta say. :slight_smile: